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Planned Parenthood to Keep Funds, Military to Work Pro-bono

Schumer stumping for the abortion industry vote.

Schumer: Senate Will Never, Never, Never Defund Planned Parenthood

Well, I’m glad to see the Democrats have their priorities straight. If they get their way, Planned Parenthood will stay comfortably afloat while the military is forced to dodge bullets for free.

Rational people would see this as counter-intuitive, but to the Democrat party,  this is logic in its purest form. In their minds the armed forces are a bunch of imperialist, war-mongering rapists Рjust boils on the butt of the world stage.  To the likes of Obama and his ilk, our servicemen do nothing but maim, kill, and destroy innocent women and children.

If that last part sounded more like Planned Parenthood’s mission statement, welcome to Bass-ackward Land courtesy of the Obama Regime. A land in which Planned Parenthood protects lives and the military destroys them. It’s a beautiful place…if your a Democrat. It’s also a figment of the Democrat party’s imagination, but when has that ever stopped them?

So why the animosity toward our military? Because, unlike Planned Parenthood, the Armed Forces don’t put a dime into the Democrat National Committee’s money laundering operation. In fact, not only does the military opt out of funding the DNC, they take precious cash from it with such non essential expenses like airplanes, ships, and…(gasp)…weapons. (And when I say weapons, I mean guns and missiles, not those sissy saline injectors that can kill an unborn baby with just one squirt!)

The big problem with Bass-ackward Land, aside from the purely dangerous lunacy of it, is that decisions are being made as if it were a real place. Hence keeping the abortion industry solvent while willingly not paying the people protecting this nation’s ass…ets.

If Obama feels so strongly about denying the military its pay, then I think it only right that those servicemen who stand guard as he and his over-indulged family slum around the halls of the White House,

or embark on, yet, another vacation

respectfully walk off the job.



Seeing Red’s Swine Flu Prediction Comes True

Call me tacky, but due to my May prediction coming true, I am re-posting this piece. My deepest thanks go to the Obama administration and Senator Diane Watson (D) of California for making this all possible.

While in the waiting room at the doctor’s office today, I had to endure The View. But, thanks to the newest national crisis, it was interrupted by a breaking story from our local news network. Someone in Oklahoma had the swine flu. Thank God for small favors. Not for the suffering Okie who has the newest threat to America, but for the break in the insipid dialogue of the View nags.

Which brings me to my prediction: The swine flu is going to be the “crisis” that Obama will use to justify nationalizing health care. It’s perfect, really. The media, on orders from the White House, no doubt, have already raised swine flu to the level of the plague. And with many Americans buying into the we’re all going to die propaganda, it’s only a matter of time before the Anointed One calls another press conference for the express purpose of saving the world from the pig sniffles.

So, how will he go about it? Hard to say. Americans aren’t a real compliant bunch. For all the medical community has told us about obesity and cholesterol…well, look around, we aren’t getting any thinner. Obama will have to resort to extreme measures. He’ll have to nationalize health care – and NOW!

Isn’t it funny how socialism is the answer to everything with these clowns? Which should be clue number one that, with them, it isn’t about helping people, it’s about grabbing power. And what better way to grab power than to convince a nation that they are powerless. Powerless against corporate CEO’s, powerless against Wall Street, powerless against global warming, and now, powerless against a virus. Kind of makes you wonder how America managed to become the most powerful nation in the world.

It only takes a cursory knowledge of history, which is far more than the average American possesses, to see that Obama isn’t breaking any new ground here. The list of socialist dictators who have scared their countries into submission is long and, in democrat circles, distinguished.

I have no doubt that my prediction will come true. It won’t be long before we get news segments and full color glossies on the cover of People decrying the plight of the down trodden who have had their lives wrecked by the swine flu. In follow-up stories bent on naming a villain (because a little virus can’t be to blame and Bush will be busy fighting off war crime charges), we’ll hear how drug companies are charging too much for medicine, and doctors are charging too much for treatment. And finally, the White House, via the media, will unveil the solutin: The Cuban health care model.

I wish I was wrong, but sadly, I don’t think I am.

Obama to FDR: My Package is Bigger Than Yours

Conventional wisdom asserts that FDR got us out of the Great Depression. That is patently untrue. If anything, FDR’s New Deal prolonged the Great Depression.

History is repeating.

Once again, more from a history textbook that will never be employed by America’s public education system:

“It is important to realize when studying the Great Depression that free enterprise economics did not fail; what failed was the attempt of liberal politicians and businessmen to manipulate the economy and create “permanent” prosperity.

Think: “Obama will put gas in my car and pay my mortgage.” While liberals claim that they want everyone to prosper, they are lying. They want to steal from those of us who work so they can fund their liberal programs. And with their liberal programs they will succeed in keeping the lower income class…a lower income class.

“In 1932, Democratic candidate Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected President of the United States. FDR called for firm, aggressive action to cope with the economic woes of the day, and declared, “I pledge myself to a new deal for the American people.”

Think: Hope and Change. Obama ran on a platform of the Apocalypse. If we didn’t elect him, America would go to hell in a Bush basket. And while FDR did walk into an economic mess, what the average American doesn’t know is that, just like the politics of Obama’s party are largely responsible for the financial mess he “inherited”, the same was true of FDR’s party and the financial mess he “inherited”. Um, that party would be the democatic party, by the way.

“Once in office, FDR and his advisors adopted the untried and unproven econimic theories of John Maynard Keynes. Keynes was a British liberal economist who advocated central planning and massive economic and social intervention by government in order to bring a nation out of economic recession or depression.”

Think: Obama is not employing untried and unproven economic theories. Obama is employing economic theories that have been tried and have been proven to fail. Maybe FDR deserves some slack for ushering in socialist economics unwittingly (After all, he was a democrat, and we all know that democrats are attracted to socialism like flies to…well, you know). Obama isn’t ushering in socialism unwittingly. He, and Pelosi and Reid, know exactly what they are thrusting on to America.

“Following Keynesian policy, the FDR administration launched its “New Deal” by calling upon the federal government to create employment by spending huge sums of money for public works construction and public employment of workers. Keynesian economics and New Deal legislation were aimed at “priming the pump” and “spending the nation into prosperity”.

Think: FDR’s plan was bad enough, but Obama’s is even worse. Not only will he make Bush look like a fiscal conservative, his stimulus package creates virtually no jobs, just freedom-stealing bureaucracies that will never go away.

“New Deal policies substituted economic security for economic freedom. FDR and his advisors reinterpreted the Delcaration of Independence and the Constitution to mean that the federal government should not only promote the conditions for happiness and prosperity, but now should actually create happiness and prosperity by providing federally guaranteed jobs, housing, income, and old-age pensions”

Think: As with FDR’s New Deal, Obama’s Flush America Plan not only wipes out economic freedom, it also makes the notion of economic security uproariously absurd. No one will experience happiness and prosperity under Obama’s plan. The down-trodden will stay that way because the incentive to work has been taken away. And those of us who do work will have less of our money because we will be paying for the permanently down-trodden.

“Many believed that under the New Deal, the United States took a large step away from a constitutional republic based upon law toward a socialist democracy based upon total “equality” for the masses.”

Think: By “many believed”, this text is referring to thinking Americans. That excludes power-hungry democrats and their lazy constituents.

“In every nation that has incorporated socialism as a way of life, it has proved to be a self-defeating system that takes away individual productivity, responsibility, and ultimately individual freedom. Indeed, after six years of government job programs, regulation, and extensive spending, over 9 million workers remained unemployed with the U.S. government expanded its power over business, industry, and agriculture.”

Think: Can you say “Hope and Change”?

“The New Deal did little to help the economy and, in some cases, actually prolonged the Depression.”

Think: No, really America, think!

Pelosi: “Welfare Programs Work Better With Less People”

If you still aren’t convinced that the Democrats are a pathologically sick bunch, I offer you this:

Pelosi: Contraception is Good Stimulus

I am employing all my powers of restraint by not referring to any obvious jokes that would include Pelosi, contraception, and the notion that there could be any stimulation at all. I’m just not going there.

It would seem that the Dems are a little short of cash for their welfare programs these days. In an unprecedented display of utter grossness, they have decided the solution is the cut down on the number of welfare recipients. This must be Pelosi’s way of sucking up to Obama because she wants in on his American Financed World Wide Abortion Bonanza. Did I ay programs or pogroms?

To fully understand Pelosi’s…er…suggestion, it is necessary to learn how liberals think. Let’s try to follow their logic chain.

Step 1: Create a voting base that believes they can only prosper if the government gives them everything. (This removes that dangerous “incentive” element.)

Step 2: Tax the heck out of working Americans to pay for promises made to voting base.

Step 3: Dole out billions (soon to be trillions) in taxpayer money for the voting base.

Step 4: Pat self on the back for bamboozling an entire segment of the American population into thinking you are their only hope for survival.

Step 5: Run out of money.

Step 6: Determine that the problem is too many welfare recipients (while quietly bearing in mind that they are your voting base and you created them).

Step 7: Brainwash media into repeating that Democrats are the only ones who have the solution (to the problem they created.)

Step 8: Draft a bill with a name that sounds something like, “Children’s Healthcare and Education Initiative” (while the wording of the bill reads something like, “Encourage our base to abort as fast as they multiply”).

Step 9: Have the audacity to use your outside voice when saying,

“Well, the family planning services reduce cost. They reduce cost. The states are in terrible fiscal budget crises now and part of what we do for children’s health, education and some of those elements are to help the states meet their financial needs. One of those – one of the initiatives you mentioned, the contraception, will reduce costs to the states and to the federal government.”

Step 10: Laugh giddily while media plebes like Katie Couric and Tom Brokaw obediently praise your preposterously sick proposal.

Step 11: Call Republicans nasty names for voting against a bill that would put more money toward “children’s health care” and “education” programs.

Step 12: Continue laughing giddily while media plebes like Katie Couric and Tom Brokaw obediently slander republicans for not supporting your preposterously sick proposal.

Step 13: Smile for the camera as Obama signs your bill into law.

If only I were joking here…

Obama Bails Out of Democrat Party: Supporters Stunned

“To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history.”

-Obama Inaugural Address

There is only one way to explain these words from Obama: A miracle has taken place. For the first time in history, an incoming president switches parties on his Inauguration Day. Democrats and Republicans alike are stunned.

Senator Tom Coburn told reporters, “Well, it does come as quite a shock. Um, honestly, we aren’t sure what to do with him. We don’t know if his policies are the same or…I mean, we really wanted him to succeed.”

“I’m not surprised,” quipped Harry Reid to the New York Times, “He presented himself well, but given his roots, it just isn’t surprising.”

Insiders are speculating that Obama’s warning to those who “cling to power through corruption and deceit” is aimed at the likes of Christopher Dodd, Barney Frank, Bill Richardson, Timothy Geithner, and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

While no one really knows for sure who President Obama is targeting, it has been reported that Office Depot has had a sharp increase in the sales of paper shredding machines.

When asked what she thought Obama meant when he warned against the “silencing of dissent”, Nancy Pelosi replied, “Shut up!”

Obama’s switching of parties has been blamed for the cancellation of many inaugural parties around the country. In West Hollywood, however, the festivities were still on, but the mood was more somber than expected. “This just isn’t the kind of change we voted for,” sniffed a sad, but fairly drunk Obama supporter.

And how is Obama’s biggest fan base, the Hollywood elite, taking the news?

“I’m angry and very disappointed. I really had high hopes for President Obama. I really believed that he would put an end to those mean-spirited *&%#)@ conservatives and their hate speech. This is all Bush’s fault,” said Whoopi Goldberg.

After stopping his plans to close Gitmo, Obama is rumored to be planning a sweep of the major media outlets. According to press secretary Gibbs, “He wants to ensure that the way McCain and Palin were treated by the media doesn’t happen again.”

Obama: Rights of Terrorist Thugs More Important Than Saftey of World

Obama Moves to Close Gitmo

Because the rights of terrorists who kill thousands of Americans are more important than the safety of millions around the world, Obama starts the process to close Gitmo.

Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.), a longtime critic of the Iraq war, says he’d be willing to house the enemy combatants in his congressional district. “Sure, I’d take ’em,” Murtha told a reporter. “They’re no more dangerous in my district than in Guantanamo.” But Murtha also noted that his district only has a minimum security prison.

Thanks, John, for yet another worthless gesture from a Democrat.

In light of Obama letting terrorists loose and sending this country careening toward socialism, I have these words of advice:

Buy. Canned. Food.

And lastly: How many soldiers gave their lives to put these thugs behind bars? We can only hope that the families of those brave men make their voices heard.

Obama’s Plan to Stimulate the Economy With a New Deal

Obama Warns of Dire Consequences Without Stimulus:

While itemizing the woes of this country (largely the products of democrat meddling and power mongering), Obama tried in earnest to convince Americans that we need his socialist package…er, I mean…stimulus package.

Did I sleep through January 20th?

According to Obama, pumping up government spending will stimulate the economy and create jobs. In the modified words of Tony Stark, “It didn’t work for FDR, it didn’t work for America, and well, it hasn’t worked at all so far.” The confiscation of capital and wealth redistribution via public works programs and welfare assistance has never bolstered the economy. But who’s counting?

The president-elect cast blame on “an era of profound irresponsibility that stretched from corporate boardrooms to the halls of power in Washington.” But he added, “The very fact that this crisis is largely of our own making means that it is not beyond our ability to solve.”

Does this mean he is admitting that the Democrats are largely responsible for the “profound irresponsibility”? Yea, right.

This is another classic case of democrats creating problems and then bamboozling the American sheeple into thinking someone else is to blame and democrats are the only ones who can fix it. Think: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

And, how, pray tell, does Obama plan on fixing America’s current economic problem? Does the New Deal ring a bell?

Obama laid out goals of doubling the production of alternative energy over three years…

This translates into bankrupting the coal industry while more useless windmills, built by emplyees of the government’s public works program, dot the fruited plain.

...updating most federal buildings to improve energy efficiency…

This just sounds stupid. Most buildings? I guess the air conditioning repairmen will also be employees of the government’s public works program.

…making medical records electronic, expanding broadband networks and updating schools and universities.

Again, stupid, stupid, stupid. These are not issues of a presidential nature. But I guess when your agenda is to micromanage the country Stalin-style, this is par for the course.

According to Obama, “It’s a plan that represents not just new policy but a whole new approach to meeting our most urgent challenges.”

Interesting. But I’m confused. According to democrats, the country is going to hell in a Bush Basket. If that is the case, then how did energy inefficient federal buildings become one of our most urgent challenges? Could it be that we are about to have an ignoramus for a president?

Still, his remarks shed no new light on the details of his plan that could cost as much as $775 billion over two years in tax cuts and spending.

Lest anyone get excited, tax cuts in Obamaland are only for those who don’t pay taxes. In the real world, they are called Welfare Checks.

And, he said little about the unprecedented red ink and rising debt confronting the government, even after spending days reassuring the public and Congress that he is committed to tackling long-term deficits after the economy rebounds.

Key words here: After the economy rebounds.

Don’t be fooled. Obama doesn’t want the economy to rebound. And if, by some strange twist of fate, it did rebound while he holds office, he won’t admit it. You see, it is important to understand that democrats have a vested interest in keeping Americans in a state of panic over the economy. It is the means by which they further their agenda. Liberal democrats will work tirelessly to ensure that Americans believe they are always just one step away from the economy rebounding…and one ominous step away from Armageddon. And, big surprise, the country can only be saved by the socialist, government-growing plans concocted by criminally-minded democrats.

Obama gets away with this, by and large, because a frightening number of Americans don’t have sense enough to read between his lies…I mean, lines.

But on to unemployment.

According to Breitbart:

A report that came out the same day as Obama’s speech showed that the number of people drawing jobless benefits rose last week to the highest level since 1982, demonstrating the troubles the unemployed are having in finding new jobs.

So, jobless benefits rose last week to the highest level since 1982. Just some thoughts here, but didn’t Jimmy Carter leave office at the end of 1981? And don’t these reports generally come out in January? So, January of 1982 would be when the report on Carter’s joblessness came out. Now while it might seem, by this observation, that, logically, Bush would be responsible for the spike in the joblessness of 2009, that isn’t the case.

Aside from what the enviro-nuts and unions have done to industry in this country, I believe there is another reason for the sudden rise in unemployment.

During the Carter years, an unprecedented amount of people bit off on the democrat’s No Work for Pay Program. During the Bush years, however, joblessness has been relatively low. But, lo and behold, it rose last week! And why did it rise? Because a large portion of the very people who voted for Obama actually believe he’s going to put gas in their tanks and pay their house notes…all without ever having to leave the comfort of their couches! Unemployment rose last week because the unproductive in our society know a cash cow when they elect one.

It’s just a theory, but it has more credibility than, say, global warming.

More from Breitbart:

Consumers and companies are folding under the negative forces of a collapsed housing market and a global credit crunch. The recession, which started in December 2007, already is the longest in a quarter-century.

So, in lieu of letting the market correct itself (and putting Barney Frank in prison), Obama shows his stalwart faith in the American people and his utter disdain for capitalism:

Obama made broader arguments, too, saying that the private sector cannot do what is needed now.

“At this particular moment, only government can provide the short-term boost necessary to lift us from a recession this deep and severe,” he said.

And so begins four years of socialist spin. A short-term boost is not Obama’s real agenda. A long-term dependence upon the government-a democrat government- is the end goal.

It’s going to be a long four years.


Obama’s Change.Gov Gets Scrubbed

Forget the first 100 days, Obama wants to “change” things now, starting with his Change.Gov site.

According to Tom Blumer at NewsBusters, the Obama camp thought it necessary to change the verbiage of their “Service” section. I guess the words, “Require 100 hours of service in college” was a little too KGBish for even socialist leaning Obamites.

The site originally sported this cryptic header:

Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s Plan for Universal Voluntary Public Service

Taking down the creepy factor a notch, it now reads:

America Serves

I’m guessing this softening of words is supposed to ease any troubled minds among Obama fans… but I’m giving the average Obamite way to much credit. What are the odds that any of the Messiah’s minions had enough sense to be alarmed about an Obama/Biden Universal Public Service Plan?


So why scrub the site? To keep the blue voters clueless about Wonderland, of course; and to keep them from taking the red pill.

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