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Seeing Red Retires – Lynn Richter Blog Launches

Artwork for Seeing Red was done by Chris Muir.

Artwork for Seeing Red was done by Chris Muir.

This post is a relaunch of sorts. My blog of ten years, Seeing Red, is now the Lynn Richter blog.

Yep, it’s time I stopped playing around and got legit.

Seeing Red has been my part-time writing venture these last ten years as a way to keep my ‘wordsmithery’ from completely atrophying while I home schooled our three sons and hung out with my Navy husband when he wasn’t deployed. It has also been my own contribution to the education of the masses because, let’s be honest, if the last two presidential election cycles are any indication, they need it.


Still Chaos After Nearly a Year

I took a sabbatical from Seeing Red hoping saner minds in our government would prevail and that I would be able to come back and blog about silly things like Charlie Sheen’s meltdown and the high price of gas.  Sadly, that hasn’t been the case. I was giving our government…and Charlie Sheen, way too much credit.

And while a lengthy rundown of the buffoonery of the last 9 months is tempting, why work that hard when one snarky sentence will do: Obama and his regime have empowered every freedom-hating, socialist, unionizing nut-job in this country and around the globe.

Trash left behind by Wisconsin union members and their hired sympathizers.

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

Oklahoma Gets Power but Is Denied Christmas

The Reality Check » Blog Archive » Oklahoma City government employees told: “No Christmas this year”

It’s funny how those who are trying to ban Christmas, or its verbiage, have no qualms about taking time off work and school to celebrate it. The newest member of the Hate Christmas Glee Club is the Oklahoma City government who has told employees that they can’t display any Christmas items such as nativity scenes, angels, crosses, or anything that has clear religious significance. How original. Did they come up with that all by themselves?

In the spirit of clarity, let’s get some things straight. Christmas is a religious holiday. It is a celebration of the birth of Christ. For those of us who are cognizant of the fact that we need a savior, this is a big deal, therefore we celebrate it. But there are those who just want to tailgate on our party and get a couple weeks off work or school. Key phrase here: Our party.

Honestly, if you don’t like Christmas…that’s Christ-mas…then don’t celebrate it. For that matter, don’t rename it the “Holiday Season” or “Winter Break”. A lot of court time could be freed up if the anti-Christmas zealots would just stop trying to reconfigure a 2000+ year religion.

But it’s not really about Christmas or religion, is it? It’s about getting time off and justifying it.

Those people who want to ban the religious aspect of Christmas yet still take time off work and school have a serious integrity problem. And I’ve got a message for all the duplicitous Christmas kill-joys out there.

To that atheist who works tirelessly to get “In God We Trust” off our money and yet flies to Aspen for the “holidays”. Uh pal, that holiday, renamed or not, is a Jesus (God’s Son)-is-born-holiday! Ski on you hypocrite.

And to that anti-God zealot who works in the second cubicle at the tag agency, you know who you are, the one who whines to his boss that his rights are being violated by Betty’s blatant display of “Jesus is the reason for the Season” displayed in her cubicle. Where do you get off taking Christmas day off? Take your presents back, burn the tree, and get to work. I’m thinking I need my license renewed on December 25th.

And to the gaggle of public school administrators and teachers who get their jollies out of hassling small children about bringing Bibles to school, banning kids from saying Merry Christmas, and telling graduating seniors they can’t pray, I’m thinking a teacher in-service day is in order for Christmas day. No sense in celebrating the holiday of the very religion you are hell-bent (bound?) on removing from society.

It’s time for some nation wide honesty. If you hate Christmas don’t celebrate it. If you want a winter break or a holiday season, pick another date; January is wide open. We Christians won’t mind. We won’t even tell you how to celebrate it or decorate for it. And chances are, if you would just shut up and let us celebrate our holiday our way, we won’t even mind working while you are off celebrating yours.

Oh, and have a holly, jolly CHRISTmas.

Oklahomans to Burn Al Gore in Effigy

Uh, yea…so the ice has finally melted here in Oklahoma, and we finally have power. Six days with no electricity or water. Ain’t we got fun?

I’ve got a message for all the global warming tree-hugging lemmings out there: Take away my fossil fuels and I will systematically burn every tree in my path, and, as kindling, Al Gore in effigy. Why trees (and not the real Al Gore?) Because that’s all we had to keep us warm for the last six days. And thank goodness(?) we lost so many trees on our land or else we wouldn’t have had any to burn due to the price gouging on cut, dry wood.

I know, I know, people in third world countries have it worse. But America isn’t a third world country, and we’d do well to stop trying to make it one.

The global warming pontiffs, if they get their way and save us from our horrid fossil fuel fetish, will ensure Ice Storm 2007 conditions nationwide every winter. But like all liberals with a cause, they will, no doubt, be exempt from the very restrictions they propose, er…I mean impose.

Turning our downed trees into fuel for heat.

Schoolwork by flashlight. Public school days lost-3. Home school days lost-0.

It is now a balmy 55 degrees here in central Oklahoma, yet some 30,000 people are still without power. If you’ve got lights that turn on and an oven to cook your meals in, thank a fossil.

Equal Rights for Skinny Chicks

My Way News – Hewitt Strikes Back Over Bikini Shots

“A size 2 is not fat! Nor will it ever be,” Hewitt responded in a post Thursday.

And thank you Jennifer Love Hewitt for bringing this very important issue to our attention, but I beg to differ. A size 2 is enormous compared to what it was ten years ago. Hewitt has Marilyn Monroe curves in this picture, and we all know Marilyn wasn’t a size 2! (Miss Monroe stats: Dress size-12. Pant size-9.)

Before I go on I should warn that I have no intention of being politically correct where this issue is concerned. Me – the skinny chick, I’m the one being discriminated against. If you are overweight and offended by what I say, tough. Shed about 25-plus pounds, try to find a size 0, and then call me.

But on with my tirade.

I can still get into a pair of pants I wore in high school. While not fashionable, they are a size 5 and they fit. But when I try on today’s version of a size 5 it’s the equivalent of a size 7 of ten years ago. And I can easily slide them off without even having to undo the button or unzip the fly.

And why is this happening? Because the garment district is making the sizes larger than they used to be to accommodate America’s growing obsession with pounding the food instead of the pavement.

If you think I’m just whining, which I am, take a stroll through the petite section of your nearest department store. It will be those two racks of cardigans and stretch pants next to “Formal Wear”. Then walk through the “Womens (aka, over-weight chick) Section”. It will be those 25 racks that take up one-third of the store (along with an expansive section in “Undergarments”…don’t get me started) full of fashionable and trendy clothes.

It’s a conspiracy against women with high metabolisms. And all so the starlets in Hollywood can be spared the trauma of saying, “I’m a size 8”.

If you’re a size 2 by today’s standards you aren’t fat, you’re just really a size 5 or 6. Or in Hewitt’s case, a size 8 or 9. Honestly, if we’d just stop redefining things in an effort to accommodate our vices and justify having any shape, we might have some continuity around here.

Look at Ms. Hewitt and tell me she’s a size 2. There is no way. Well, I mean, there is a way with the new and improved sizing system, but that’s my point. I’m not knocking the girl for having curves. More power to her. Like my husband says, “Who wants to hug a lawn chair?” But let’s get with reality, shall we?

Thanks to the new sizes, I am now apparently a size 0. When I was in school, granted it was public school, but when I was in school I learned that a zero was just that…a zero. How can someone be a size 0? Taken to its logical conclusion, it doesn’t exist. Aren’t there still laws against causing someone outside of the womb to cease to exist?

I used to say I was a perfect size 5, because I was. Now I can’t buy clothes off the rack because apparently I don’t exist. And if I were to be a size 5 by today’s standards, with my short stature, I’d be buying my clothes in that larger section in the back of the store. And then I wouldn’t have any problems buying clothes. Hey wait, I think I’m on to something…pass me the marshmallow cream.

A friend of mine who sported about 25 unwanted pounds once said to me while we were shopping, “I’m going to hate clothes shopping with you and your tiny little figure. You’ll look cute in anything.”

My reply, “Just wait.”

As we walked out of the mall several frustrating hours later, she with several bags, me with one (shoes), she said, “I take it back. It would suck to be you.”

So you see, the farce of pretending to embrace “curvy women” while denying their true size, combined with the clothing industry’s unabashed size-rigging is actually deceiving overweight women into believing they are smaller than they really are…and allowing them to dress fashionably doing so.

Is Hewitt overweight? Not by a long shot. But to have her be a spokeswoman for the true size 2’s (and size 5’s) of this world is a bit much. Thanks Jen, but it’s a little hard to take you seriously when you try to champion for something you’re not.

I Tried…

…Really, I did. But I needed a break.

To be a conservative blogger one must keep a constant eye on the news and the moronic antics of the left-wing lunatics. And while it’s an amusing hobby, it can induce full-scale migraines if done too often. And in my case, I find it hard to repress my irritation over Hillary’s latest exploit or the Entertainment Elite’s blathering against anything American, and still maintain a positive demeanor around the kiddos.

For illustration purposes only, a glimpse into my day.

“Don’t bug mom,” says oldest son as he bars the way to mom’s desk.

Younger son, incredulously, “Why not? I need help in math.”

She’s writing and she’s really hacked off.”

Oh great,” says younger son, “Is she blogging? What did the libs do now?”

Sad, but true.

So, in an effort to write a conservative blog that is more positive I Googled the words, “Positive News”. (I should have known better. But like I said, I took a break…obviously…)

First on the page of results was Positive News. Much to my dismay it turned out to be a Bunny Hugger, Anti-progress manifesto. I felt a slight pain in my head.

Undaunted, I continued my search only to find this: Youth Positive News. It’s the same rag as “Positive News” only with the angst notched down to an adolescent sneer.

Not happy with the results thus far, I continued my search for truly positive news, while simultaneously rubbing my temples, and stumbled on this little piece of sunshine, Happy News. Squeezed in between the ads for “Anti-Bush Bumper Stickers” and “Hillary in ’08” banner ads are headlines that read, “Clinton Raises Billions for World’s Needy” and “Malaysia Opens Drive In Massage Parlor“. The muscles behind my eyes were starting to wrap around the back of my head.

Another glimpse into the same day:

What are you looking for, Mom?” asks youngest son as I ransack my desk drawers for anything resembling a pain reliever.

The word ‘positive’, son. I’m looking for the word ‘positive’. Have you seen it?”

No.” squeaks youngest son’s worried reply. “Did you lose it?”

I didn’t lose it,” I say between my teeth as I pry the lid off a bottle whose label is mysteriously blurry. “The libs stole it, and now they are using it for evil instead of good.”

Youngest son leaves the room and plops down next to oldest son on the couch. “The Libs stole Mom’s positive.

As I dropped four extra strength Excedrin into my Mountain Dew, I glanced at the boys on the couch and my heart broke. I realized that, like the poor, the libs will always be with us but my boys won’t always be in my home. And yes, the libs can be amusing, but my boys are way more fun and a lot less annoying.

While I love to write and hope to one day make a living from it, I can’t do it at the expense of my family. So my columns (when do blogs evolve into columns anyway?) will be more infrequent. ‘Tis the season.

Oh, by the way, I learned an important lesson about positive news stories. The best way to get them is to pay for them.

Welcome to Seeing Red.

This is not a blog dedicated to anger or angst. Nor is this a boring play-by-play of my daily life, my anxieties, my menu, or my health. Online diaries have always mystified me. Diaries, in my opinion, are supposed to be private. Online diaries are for those, in my estimation, who truly wish for an audience. Nothing wrong with that…just not my thing. This will also not be a blog with shrill ranting and raving against the left. I’ll try my best to keep my irritation at a minimum.

What this blog spot will be is a forum for theories, observations, and views…my own personal ‘Op Ed’ if you will. My main focus will be on this country’s love affair with popular culture and how the adoration of all that is made popular by Hollywood has seeped into education and politics. I will also have regular comments on various personalities and shows so as to point out the audacity (and hilarity) of those who are determined to rewrite history and shape our culture.

My desire for this spot is that it will be entertaining and, if you are willing, educational. My goal is to rescue people from becoming mindless sheep who take as truth all that comes from American media.

It’s a hard job but I’m happy to do it.