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Spineless Western Leaders Hand Their Countries Over to Islam

Over 700,000 March In France As Politicians Refuse To Call Attacks ‘Islamic Terrorism’

Between their pathological adherence to political correctness and their propensity to pee themselves at the very mention of “Islamic Terrorism”, leaders of the Western world are basically handing over their countries to Islam. America is sure to follow if we don’t start paying attention to the impending implosion in Europe.


Obama’s ISIS Strategy: Smoke and Mirrors

Ever since talk radio blew his “I’m so checking out” cover, Obama has been forced to drum up a strategy for dealing with ISIS. That strategy can be summed up in three words: smoke and mirrors.

Here’s how this will work:

Tsarnaev in Custody: Let the Games Begin


What begins now is the long, arduous task of bringing Dzhokar Tsarnaev, who is being charged with “conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction”, to justice. This should only take about 15 years.

There were reports that he will be tried as an enemy combatant, but, since American citizens cannot be tried as such, he’ll be tried in a civilian court. It is obvious Tsarnaev’s handlers knew how to get around a military court; simply become a citizen. Enemy combatants go to places like Gitmo, whereas American citizens get all the amenities our Constitution affords them. Nothing like terrorists knowing how to game our laws to their advantage.

Boston Hides, COEXIST Fails, Dad Blames, and Putin Advises: Boston Update

News out of Boston is coming fast and furious.

COEXIST Crowd Gets a Reality Check

If there is anything to snicker about concerning Boston, (and, really there isn’t) it would be that the on-the-lam terrorist, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, carjacked a car with a COEXIST bumper sticker on it.


I’d wax eloquent about the irony of having a murderous terrorist steal a car from the tolerance police, but I’ve already done as much here.

No doubt the owner of the COEXIST-mobile, if given the chance, could have talked Tsarnaey out of stealing the car, or at least into giving Tsarnaey a ride. But really, no one laughs at those insipid stickers more than (me) Islam.

Obama and Clinton: If You’re Guilty and You Know It, Raise Your Hands…

…and if you’re Obama, ponder your travel plans to Vegas.

Revealed: America Was Warned-Did Nothing

It’s going to be nothing short of fascinating to see how these two plan on getting away with this one. But, sadly, I have little doubt that they will.

Here are my predictions for how Obama and his apparatchiks will get out of world-wide hot water.

On CAIR: You Say Apologist, I Say Activist

This is in response to a comment I received from Mike LaSalle of BlogWonks,  about my last post. If I understand him correctly, LaSalle felt I was wrong to place a negative view of Muslims (who want us wiped off the face of the earth) on to CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), the self-proclaimed advocacy group for all things Muslim. So, he changed the title of my piece to read: Irony: Muslim Apologists Offended by Savagery.

You know, I could be sawing off the very limb I’m blogging on, but I think calling CAIR, “Muslim apologists” is a bit of a stretch. Maybe they want to be called apologists, just like they want Islam to be called peaceful, but really, activist is a better fit. Apologists systematically defend a position. “Force the infidels to have sensitivity training” hardly qualifies. Activists campaign, harass, cajole, and bully people in their effort to change government or social conditions- “Force the infidels to have sensitivity training”…now that qualifies.

LaSalle’s reasoning is as follows: “The problem with the title (and the article) is that it conflates the particulars of an advocacy group (CAIR) with the pejorative subject of the post (namely, “Muslims”).”

He says conflate, I say connect the undeniably obvious dots. But,whatever…

In LaSalle’s view, I shouldn’t mix up what CAIR wants us to believe about them and the Muslims they “advocate” for with my (deservedly) negative tone toward America-hating Islamists.

I’m smelling a little C-Y-Blogwonks-A going on here.

I might be missing something, but I don’t think CAIR is pure as the wind-driven snow. That they have positioned themselves as some sort of advocacy group (and gotten people to buy off on it) is laughable at best. It’s tantamount to Ted Kennedy advocating for and actually selling the public on the concept of safe driving while utterly inebriated.

Make no mistake, the goons over at CAIR have an agenda. They might not be flying planes into buildings, but they definitely make it easier for those who do.

Yes, Michael Savage probably crossed the line, but, it’s Michael Savage, and that’s what he does. And yes, CAIR has every right to lobby advertisers to pull from Savage’s show. However, CAIR’s complaints won’t stop at merely wanting to sway advertisers to pull their ad revenue. Whether they get what they want in this situation or not, this is just the first step in a very calculated plan to convert public opinion. Savage offended Islam. Allah will have none of that.

That CAIR was offended is just the tip of the iceberg. The bloodbath we call 9/11 was offensive to Americans, yet, thanks to collective amnesia brought on by leftists who can’t sleep at night if they think someone doesn’t like them, we light up the Empire State Building for Ramadan. But CAIR gets offended and it will probably be one more nail in Conservative talk radio’s coffin…or worse.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but CAIR is all about using the ruse of having their sensibilities affronted as a segue into legislating how Americans are allowed to express their opinions about Muslims. And, sadly, playing the perpetually offended card is wildly successful in today’s culture. CAIR isn’t breaking any new ground; they are merely capitalizing on a tried and true stratagem.

With a deftness that only a surgeon could appreciate, the militant homosexual community has waxed offended and managed to drastically change the fabric of American culture.  Clergy are now being told to keep quiet about homosexuality because it’s considered hate speech. In schools kids are being taught that homosexuality is normal, and they are given sensitivity training so as not to offend anyone who is gay, thinks they might be gay, is considering being gay, or who is gender-confused (No, I didn’t make that up). How is it that the homosexual community has gotten so much power and  morphed into “Most Favored Segment of Society” status even though the majority of Americans don’t agree with their lifestyle? Easy, the offensive play at being offended and a PC media and academia serve up their defense daily. CAIR is just following the playbook.

So, yes, Mike, I did purposely tie CAIR in with my negative opinions of anti-American Muslims, because CAIR, a self-professed advocacy group…of Muslims…is, in my estimation, a bunch of anti-American Muslims. If they just wanted to get Savage to tone it down (or leave the airwaves in a vapor trail), that would be one thing, but make no mistake, they want much more than that. Precedents are being set here. The groundwork is being laid. What is and isn’t gong to be allowed in this country is being defined. The question is, will it be Americans who will do the defining?

Irony: Muslims Offended by ‘Savagery’

CAIR Targets Another Conservative Talk Show Host — 11/09/2007

Call me naive, but I’m waiting for someone to remember that America is not a Muslim nation. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) isn’t happy with Michael Savage. Big deal. It’s America. We have the freedom to be surrounded by a lot of things we don’t like. Suck it up, turn your dial, and move on.

CAIR’s head mouth piece, Amina Rubin, has asked companies to pull their advertisements from Savage’s radio show because of his “hate-filled rhetoric.”

Forgive me for becoming (really) incredulous, but the devastation of 9/11 is the definition of hate-filled in its most pure and undiluted form. Savage’s comments were…well, they were actually the sentiments of the majority of Americans.  But the lunacy of the offenders playing the offended has become the norm in our culture because the PC nut jobs own the microphone (and the educational system) and the good guys have lost their spines. Stephen King couldn’t write a scarier story.

My guess is that CAIR thinks Savage will encourage Americans to distrust Muslims. Maybe I’m reaching here, but I think the whole Twin Towers thing already accomplished that. Savage isn’t saying anything most Americans haven’t mumbled at one time or another while filling up their gas tanks at the local Iranian-owned convenience station. And honestly, isn’t it time we became really sick of having our freedoms and traditions legislated away by a bunch of liberals who are so scared of Islam they can’t stop wetting themselves. Five thousand people dying on 9/11 was pretty offensive, but for some reason, we aren’t allowed to feel offended…because that, of course, would be offensive.

It’s been said a thousand times by every America-lovin’ red neck across this great country, ‘If you don’t like it here, get out”. I’m inclined to agree.

CAIR also got their kufis in a wad over Savage’s “Deportation, not reeducation” remark. Apparently we should all read the Quran so we can become more tolerant of the Muslim religion. This might be the only point CAIR and I agree on. More Americans should give the Quran a good look-see and try to find the peaceful Islam we keep hearing about. It’s not there. We don’t need to educate this country in the ways of Islam. We need to re-educate the people of this country about the Constitution and why America was founded in the first place.

Rubin did manage to throw our constitution a bone by saying, “Free speech is a precious right that we fully support and strive to protect. We are not seeking to curb Mr. Savage’s freedom of speech, but to demonstrate that Americans and American companies will not tolerate hatred and bigotry.” That’s rich. Come to our country, attempt to censor our radio personalities, have the audacity to pretend to speak for Americans and American companies, and then orate on free speech and how they strive to protect it. I am now fully convinced that democrats are in charge of immigration screenings.

Personally, I don’t care if Muslims are offended. This is my country, not theirs. It was founded for the sole purpose of escaping tyranny and bestowing freedom. And, by the way, we’ve lost countless lives defending that hard-won freedom. Rubin doesn’t get to position himself as a stalwart defender of freedom while his cronies in the Middle East  treat their wives like second-class citizens, toss gays off buildings, and strap bombs to their kiddos.

CAIR, who aids and abets those who would like to see America wiped off the map, does not deserve a voice in any arena in America. But since Islam has beheaded, jihaded, terrorized, and manipulated its way into the psyches of the American Left, I have no doubt that they will not only get a voice, they will be allowed to get louder and more influential in the coming years.

Empire State Building to be New American Mosque

How a Muslim terrorist views the Empire State Building.

This from The Raw Story, an obviously unbiased, fair, and balanced liberal…”news” site (as is evidenced by the Media Matters ad and “Bash Bush” on the sidebar):

The Raw Story | Empire State Building to go green for Muslim holiday

In the spirit of equality, tolerance, and pure un-American stupidity, the Empire State building will be illuminated with green lights, (runway lights come to mind) to signal the end of the Muslim holiday, Ramadan. How special. I’m sure the families of the victims of 9/11 will be touched.

Why should we commemorate the holiday of our enemies? That is tantamount to forcing a rape victim to celebrate the birthday of her assailant. This looks like the work of a bunch of liberal Democrats who firmly believe the only way to beat terrorists (providing they admit there is such a thing) is to get on your knees and kiss their….. It might work with insecure, power-drunk Democrats, but Muslim terrorists are vastly unimpressed. They’ll just help you up off your knees and, with a broad smile, proceed to slit your throat. Liberals would do well to brush up on their history…and ditch the knee pads.

The Ramadan festivities in the Big Apple will culminate with the Muslim populous, along with the Democratic presidential hopefuls, meeting at Ground Zero to hold hands and chant, “Death to infidels! Health care and baby bonds for all terrorists! Tolerance to all who hate America!”

According to Clinton For President insiders, the city of New York, in an effort to boast having the world’s tallest mosque, is currently taking bids from architects to have the top of the Empire State building rounded off and coated in gold filigree. Funding for portions of the project will come from the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund and the Democratic Campaign Fund.

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The Only Peaceful Muslim is a Lapsed Muslim

Are we done pretending Islam is a religion of peace? After reading a good chunk of the Quran and some of the Hadith I’ve come to the conclusion that most of the world is completely stupid when it comes to Islam. If Islam is a religion of peace, Oprah is a size three.

I crack up when Bush, and scads of other talking heads throw Islam a bone and scold the ‘radical terrorists’ for maligning the religion of peace. I’m convinced most people adopt this view because they are scared witless…literally. If you are a true card carrying Muslim that follows the teachings of Allah literally and views American and Jewish infidels as jihad fodder, your not a radical extremist giving Islam a bad name, your simply following the tenants of your faith.

Allow me to pose an example:

I am a fundamental conservative Christian. I take the Bible literally (Translation: I’m sinner who, if it weren’t for grace, would be headed for the frying pan). I do my best to follow God’s precepts by obeying His word and living a life that will glorify Him. I work diligently to raise my children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. (Again, that grace and frying pan thing…). I follow the tenants of my faith.

Conversely, there are many people out there who warm the pews every Christmas and Easter, can quote John 3:16, and have a dusty family Bible being used as a bookend for their DVD collection but they don’t have any real clue about this god they visit bi-yearly, yet they call themselves Christians.

Now, cut to your fundamental Muslims who read the Quran, follow its precepts and take it quite literally. They also raise their kids in the fear and admonition of Allah. They are the true Muslims. They are the ones living in Norman, Oklahoma getting flying lessons and daydreaming about 72 vestal virgins. These are not peaceful people.

Now enter the ‘lapsed Muslims’, that is, Muslims who, yeah, they have a dusty copy of the Quran lying around somewhere but they only crack it open at Ramadan. A few might have come over here as a part of some intricate jihad coup (like the 9/11 goons) but realized living like an American infidel has its perks. Of course, when the old school in-laws come over the wife ditches her Gap jeans, covers her face, rearranges the living room furniture to face Mecca, and acts like she hasn’t been out of the house in months. These are the peaceful Muslims.

Screwy theory? Maybe. But I think I’m on to something.

Lapsed Christians make a farce out of Christianity. Lapsed Muslims do the same to the religion of Islam. But I’ll take a backsliding Muslim any day.