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Global Warming: A Socialist’s Hot Dream

Book Review The Suicidal Planet – Mayer Hillman

My son is doing a research paper on global warming. I picked up The Suicidal Planet from his stack of global warming books and nearly lost my lunch. I found myself inside the mind of a seriously deranged man…and it was scary.

Aside from the fact that the THEORY of global warming has zero scientific proof, this book furthers the lunacy by promoting global rationing of energy. (Think carbon offsetting with a very Lenin-esque flair.)

After whining about how we’re all going to die, the earth is in peril, and governments (namely the US) aren’t doing enough, Hillman graces us with his…solution. (Again, think Lenin.)

He proposes that everyone will get an equal carbon allowance, or “right of emissions”. That right there should scare the cr*p out of any thinking person. Hillman states that some exceptions would need to be made (probably for Gore so he can continue his jet-setting life sytle.) But it gets better:

“Carbon allowances will have to decrease steadily every year in line with negotiated international reductions.”

Again, if you don’t have the willies yet, you are obviously brain dead…or a liberal. International reductions translates into the UN telling you how long you’re allowed to read in bed at night with the aid of a lamp.

“By giving due warning of the annual reduction in the future allowance, people will be able to make changes to their homes, their transportation arrangements, and their general lifestyles at the least cost in the way that suits them best.”

Suits them best? This whole plan has gone WAY beyond suiting anyone best. Remember: Global warming is a theory. Note also: Some are now lamenting a global ice age. See a problem here?

“The introduction of carbon allowances will bring in a self-reinforcing social and financial system that enables and rewards people for living within their rations.”

Lenin tried this with farming. Ever been to Russia? They still haven’t recovered.

Only a flaming liberal would buy off on this. Self-reinforcing. Self??? I’m only allowed X-amount of carbon usage yet it is being spun as self reinforcing. Since when is rationing by the government (or the UN) something anyone would choose? The rationing forces people to live within what the government thinks they should be allowed. And it punishes those who enjoy the fruits of their labor by driving SUVs, taking vacations, and living in large homes. (Unless, of course, you’re Al Gore.)

“Carbon allowances will create winners and losers-people who have lower than average emissions and who thus have a surplus to sell, and those with higher emissions who have to buy extra emissions rights if they want to maintain their patterns of energy use.”

True to liberal form, it boils down to winners and losers. Also true to liberal form, they’ll be the ones deciding which one is which.

Hillman then introduces the nifty little “Carbon Allowance Card”. This is a “smart” card that everyone would brandish in order to purchase fuel or travel services. Guess there’s no need to wonder where America’s currency is headed.

Hillman, in an obvious slip, shows his true socialist colors (and his sheer disdain for self-government) with this comment:

“One objection to personal carbon allowances is that it puts all the responsibility for reducing carbon dioxide emissions on individuals…”

Yea, wouldn’t want that. But I’m not seeing a whole lot of options in the area of personal responsibility here. It’s either use the “smart card” or walk to work…in Birkenstocks.

The question begs – Just who is getting rich off this little scheme? The government has never been a not-for-profit gig. Well, it was in the beginning, but that was a long time ago…

The Suicidal Planet is a great read for people (liberals) who are more than willing to hand over their freedoms to a bunch of green types like Al Gore who, themselves, burn tons of energy with reckless abandon. In a nutshell, it’s the perfect “Socialism For Dummies” guide for the budding socialist.

A truly Orwellian piece of junk. Unfortunately, as the world’s population continues to trust pop culture and junk science over true academia and true science, this type of thinking will eventually prevail.


Global Warming Not Bipartisan: Red States Doomed

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Global Warming Will Save America from the Right…Eventually |

That’s it. We conservatives better start getting serious about global warming by harvesting rainwater, installing composting toilets, and greening up our sex lives if we’re going to save our skin.

Yep, another leftist wing nut has come loose. According to Dave Lindorff, (veteran, Columbia graduate, and ardent Gore groupie) global warming will shrink the red states and force us negligent right wingers who live here to flock to the blue region and into the arms of those who, “told us so”.

Guess he missed the ice storm.

Lindorff is quite Hitler-esque in how he plans on welcoming the hapless, right-wing victims of their man-made (snicker) disaster who come crawling to the left for help:

The important thing is that we, on the higher ground both actually and
figuratively, need to remember that, when they begin their historic
migration from their doomed regions, we not give them the keys to the
city. They certainly should be offered assistance in their time of
need, but we need to keep a firm grip on our political systems, making
sure that these guilty throngs who allowed the world to go to hell are
gerrymandered into political impotence in their new homes.

There will be much work to be done to help the earth and its
residents—human and non-human—survive this man-made catastrophe, and we
can’t have these future refugee troglodytes, should their personal
disasters still fail to make them recognize reality, mucking things up

It should be considered acceptable, in this stifling new world, to say, “Shut up. We told you this would happen.”

Now this is compassion liberal style: “guilty throngs” who “allowed the world to go to hell” will be “future refugee troglodytes”. Auschwitz comes to mind. Of course the only ice to be found will be in the blue state region so Siberia would be more apropos. And that would make Lindorff more like…Lenin?

But for all his delusions, Lindorff managed to get one thing right: A “new world” run by flaming liberals would be stifling.

Need convincing? This from Britan’s Environment Agency. Required reading for global warming acolytes like Lindorff.

The top 20: What the panel prescribes

1 Dramatically improve the energy efficiency of electrical goods

2 Religious leaders to make the environment a priority for their followers

3 Encourage the widespread use of solar power throughout the world

4 Secure a meaningful post-Kyoto treaty on reducing the emissions that contribute to global warming

5 Encourage households to generate much more of their own power

6 Introduce tax incentives to “buy green”

7 Tackle the rapid growth in aviation emissions

8 Wean ourselves off dependency on petroleum

9 Encourage individuals to buy less non-essential “stuff ”

10 Dramatically improve public transport

11 Aim for a “zero waste” culture

12 Install “smart energy” meters in all homes

13 Introduce a measure of economic success that includes the environment

14 Fully harness Britain’s huge potential for generating renewable energy

15 Seek alternative, less damaging sources for biofuels

16 Bury carbon dioxide from power stations underground

17 Encourage hydrogen fuel cell technology in cars

18 Implement government policies to control global population growth

19 Reach international agreement on preserving rainforests

20 Create better incentives to improve energy efficiency in the home

Zero waste culture? Good thing cork is considered green-friendly.

Implement government policies to control global population growth?? And leave Angelina Jolie with no babies to adopt? And just pondering how the government would implement population growth policies sends shivers up my spine. China and India have been giving the whole population control thing a whirl. It’s called genocide. But hey, if it means a greener, cleaner evironment then why not. After all, it’s about the planet, Stupid, not people.

Global warming is a liberal’s dream. Big, intrusive government monitoring how we flush and reproduce. Oh, and taxing the non-compliant.

But there is a silver lining to Lindorff’s absurd claims that the climate is somehow partisan. If the red states are doomed to destruction, I’m banking on a mass exodus of liberals from my still very redish state. If his postulations have even half the shelf life that other global warming theories have had, my grandkids could live in a lib-free red state.

Now that’s what I call controlling population growth.

If You Believe in Global Warming, I’ve Got a Piece of Alaskan Oceanfront Property to Sell You

An Alaskan island is losing ground – Los Angeles Times

The LA Times article is worth the read only if you want to gain an understanding of how the global warming alarmists turn unrelated facts into incoherent fiction. Honestly, I feel sorry for the author, Alan Zerembo. I guess it was either pay for lunch or write the daily “We Are Doomed” piece. The following is what happens when you only have three bucks in your pocket.

Kivalina is disappearing, the victim of a warming world and a steady natural erosion that probably began long before the Eskimos settled here 100 years ago.

Ummm…someone needs to tell the new guy that he better not mix fear-mongering with common sense. The elevation of Kivalina, a glorified sand bar, is a mere 13 feet. Dennis Rodman can jump higher than that. Kind of hard to blame global warming for erosion that has been ongoing since before…well, since before Gore invented global warming.

Call me overly cynical, but while I was reading this I got the sneaky suspicion that the residents of Kivalina might just ride the global warming wave for all the cash it’s worth. I wasn’t disappointed.

“Village leaders have squabbled for years with state and federal officials over relocating, which could cost as much as $250 million. No one has offered to pay.”

Some want to head to higher ground, others want to stay on the coast. And while they can’t agree on which option is better, they can all agree that anyone but themselves ought to pay for it. That anyone, by the way, would be us taxpayers.

The article continues on with the crashing of waves and the desolation of the sand bar…I mean, island. Zerembo, trying hard to add some tragic nuances to his piece, says this:

“There is no heroic battle to stop the advancing water.”

Yea, because that would be like trying to hold back the ocean or something stupid like that.

Then, in a serious lapse of judgment, Zerembo infuses this little factoid:

“Kivalina is nothing but fine sand,” said Oscar Swan, an 84 year old resident.

Oops. Sunday school student or not, everyone knows you don’t build your house upon the shifting sand.

Obviously tiring of the global warming slant, Zerembo’s piece starts to read like one of Oprah’s feel-sorry-for-the-downtrodden episodes in which her highness, Madame O, showcases her benevolence.

Today, about 70 homes sit on short stilts above the permafrost. Most homes have no running water and the standard toilet is a 5-gallon bucket. A shower costs $3 at the “washeteria.”

Life in Kivalina can be as bleak as the landscape.

“There is little work in town, and those who want to make a decent living have to head to the borough seat in Kotzebue or the Red Dog Mine, the world’s largest zinc operation, about 45 miles away. For those who stay, the center of social life is the city-run bingo hall, where the average adult loses $750 a year.”

“Last year, three people committed suicide. In the last eight years, there have been three killings.

“Some have gotten numb to their pain,” said Lowell Sage, the pastor at Kivalina Friends Church, whose brother was stabbed to death by a neighbor several years ago.

If you’re a Go Green junkie it’s easy to see how Global warming is to blame for the lack of jobs, the killings, and the bingo losses. If your not an avid Greener, you’d probably check to see if you turned to the wrong page of your newspaper for the article’s continuation.

Zerembo, after receiving a thwack on the back of the head from a colleague for digressing, got back on track…sort of.

It’s often biting cold, but in recent years, people have begun noticing tiny changes. For the first time anybody could remember, it rained in January. Furnaces were turned off after May.

The key here is the line, “For the first time anybody could remember…”. So because nobody remembers it, it never happened before? I don’t remember a blasted thing about the Police’s Synchronicity concert I went to when I was 17 (because I was blasted), but it happened nonetheless. Once again, the reliance upon memory as a means of measuring plausibility is deployed by the left. Think Hillary- “I don’t recall.”

When Joe Swan Sr., 72, checked his cold cellar, a deep hole in the ground where meat is aged over the summer, he found that his caribou and seal had rotted. The surrounding permafrost had thawed, filling the pit with water.

He had heard about global warming, and some of his neighbors embraced the idea, especially after storms in 2004 and ’05 cut huge swaths out of the beach.

But he has remained skeptical because Kivalina has always been eroding. An 1838 explorer’s account said the island was about 1,800 feet wide, three times what it is today. Most of that was lost long before anybody talked about global warming.

Once again, the facts got the best of Zerembo. But he quickly got back on track.

But what really got people uncomfortable was when the rest of the world started pointing at them as the leading edge of an impending climatic apocalypse.

If Zerembo’s boss hadn’t been looking over his shoulder I’m sure this would have read, “But what really got their opportunistic juices flowing was when the rest of the world started pointing at them as the leading edge of an impending climatic apocalypse.”

This is exploitation on a grand scale. This is the left in spades.

The article rambles on about how the residents braced and evacuated for a big storm… that didn’t come.

Fears of global warming came to a head in September, when weather reports warned that a powerful storm was on track to strike Kivalina.

Bad storms usually came in the fall, but this time borough officials ordered an evacuation and dispatched small planes to whisk away the elders.

Mayor Austin Swan and Vice Mayor Enoch Adams Jr. went door to door, warning residents to get off the island. All-terrain vehicles were loaded onto metal skiffs, and evacuees crossed the narrow channel at the south end of the island, then rumbled down the beach in a ragged caravan.

Raymond Hawley, 74, a hunter and carpenter, couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was about. It always stormed in the fall, and from what he had heard on the radio, this one didn’t sound particularly bad.

Two of his children were already off the island, in prison. He and the rest of his family were staying.

Yea, had to mention the part about the kids being in prison. That was relevant.

While reading this I was waiting for the part about global warming being the cause of the storms non-arrival, but Zerembo never mentions that. Instead, he hops down another bunny trail and reports how a certain family, the Swans, horde all the jobs on the island. I couldn’t help but wonder what that had to do with the article. I’m still wondering.

Interestingly, while Zerembo reports that there was no storm, he says:

The aftermath of the storm was a hectic time.

Well, like Zerembo, the people of Kivalina took full advantage of the…(non-existent) storm…caused by global warming (also non-existent). A member of the infamous job-hogging Swan family, Colleen Swan, flew to Anchorage to testify before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Disaster Recovery about coastal erosion. Meanwhile, Vice Mayor Adams was on the phone begging for more sandbags.

As he pleaded for more sandbags, the CB radio crackled in the background: Somebody had stolen a seal skin and some beluga meat during the evacuation.

“These children need to behave,” the voice on the radio ranted.

All in all, global warming made for a chaotic autumn.

“We’ve got to get off the island. It’s obvious,” Adams said.

These children need to behave? It’s apparent an ability to write coherently is not required at the LA Times.

Of course, no article about global warming would be complete without playing the Bush card.

A class at the high school was assigned to write to President Bush. “Erosion is destroying our island,” wrote Kelly Hawley, 17, a senior. “We ask if you can provide help for our poor island.”

Obviously President Bush’s last surviving fan, Hawley is under the impression he can hold back the ocean.

Propping her 8-month-old baby on her lap at home, Hawley explained that the issue isn’t just about erosion, it’s about making a new start in life. “I want to move,” she said. “We have no flush toilets or running water. There’s not many places to hang out.”

I had to work at it, but I managed to get the connection Zerembo was trying to make: Global warming is the cause of teen-age pregnancies on Kivalina. Personally, I’m of the opinion that global warming is the least of their problems.

And lest anyone think I’m too harsh and judgmental when I say the residents of Kivalina are trying to capitalize on the global warming myth, the Times validates my point:

There were no offers to pay for relocation, but Adams, the vice mayor, thought the village’s chances were good because of all the publicity that had turned Kivalina into an icon of climatic disaster.

“The federal government will give us the money,” he said. “Global warming is going to sell itself.”

The people of Kivalina had wanted to relocate to Kiniktuuraq, a “rutty patch of oceanfront tundra just a couple miles down the coast.” Sort of reminds me of those California types who like to build their homes in areas known for mud slides. Not too bright.

But after a two-year study of possible relocation sites, the Army Corps of Engineers concluded last year that Kiniktuuraq was no good. It too was vulnerable to erosion, flooding and permafrost thawing — and would become more vulnerable as the planet warmed.

That last part, “…and would become more vulnerable as the planet warmed” wasn’t part of the Army Corps of Engineers report. That’s called creative license, but the MSM calls it “reporting the facts”.

Building there [Kiniktuuraq] would require depositing a layer of gravel at least 9 feet thick, adding $100 million to the cost of relocation, according to the report.

The corps favored two inland sites on higher ground: Imnakuk Bluffs and Tatchim Isua.

The report put village officials in a bit of a bind. The specter of global warming was now sinking their chances of moving to the site they wanted.

Translation: We don’t want an option that makes sense. We want to live in an area that will flood so we can cash in on this global warming thing.

Don’t believe me?

Pastor Sage said he was still confident Kivalina would eventually be moved. It will just take a big enough storm. “If Kivalina floods or something really bad happens, then they’ll move us,” he said. “That’s the only time we’ll get money.”

Zerembo failed to report that the residents of Kivalina are now praying for global warming to increase exponentially so that their island will be washed from the face of the earth and they will finally get paid to relocate to New Orleans–Elevation: below sea level.

Bush OK’s War on 100-Watt Lightbulb

Bush signs landmark energy bill – Los Angeles Times

Just put your head between your knees and kiss your…light bulbs good-bye.

I’ve defended Bush on several fronts, but on this one he’s on his own. While flanked by a salivating Pelosi and an apoplectic Harry Reid, Bush, with one swift scrawl of his name, banned (by 2012) the 100-watt incandescent bulb. Yep, the war on terror has been replaced by the war on wattage. Just once I’d like to hear the old guy have a press conference and say, “These people are completely out of their minds.” We can still dream in America, can’t we?

So how exactly do you go about banning a light bulb? According to Reid, “The military’s Green Berets, a branch of special forces currently in the Middle East ruthlessly killing women and children, will be reassigned to house inspection duty. They will be in charge of the bulb compliance part of Project Green. Anyone with a contraband 100-watt light bulb will be rifle-butted and prosecuted for hate crimes against the climate.”

But seriously (if that’s possible given the topic), as if Bush signing such liberty-killing legislation wasn’t enough:

Congress on Tuesday gave final approval to the 822-page measure, sending it up Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House in a Toyota Prius hybrid.

Great. Legislation grandly brought to the Commander in Chief via the Wuss-mobile. This would be laughable if it didn’t signify the end of what little reasonable thinking existed in Washington.

Rep. John D. Dingell (D-Mich.), chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said the bill would improve the energy efficiency of “almost every significant product and tool and appliance that we use, from light bulbs to light trucks.”

Improving energy efficiency doesn’t generally equate with saving money, at least not for the consumer. Just look around. Everything across the board that sports a green eviro-friendly label is more expensive than it’s earth-killing counterpart. And for what? A mere 7% reduction in energy use? Heck, just get Gore to turn off a few lights at his house and we’ll accomplish that. Let’s not forget the nebulous 9% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. And that will be measured, how…? Oh, that’s right, it can’t.

According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, a dandy little think tank founded, funded, and run by disenfranchised socialists, the new energy bill will:

… save consumers and businesses more than $400 billion between now and 2030, “accounting for both energy cost savings and the moderately higher price of energy-efficient products.”

It is truly amazing how liberals can pull random numbers out of their…heads and pass them off as credible statistics. Now I’ll admit that I’m not savvy when it comes to liberal math, but I can’t figure out how forcing companies to pay millions more to make their products earth friendly, which would actually make for a loss of jobs and higher prices on said products, equates to a $400 billion savings. I mean, what are we looking at, here? A $60 watt light bulb? Nothing says cost savings like sticking it to the consumer. (And really, this isn’t an exercise in math as much as it’s an lesson in Socialism 101.)

By the way, I’ve used those swirly “acceptable” light bulbs. Not only do they look ridiculous, the light they put out makes the room look like a gulag…which is probably why the environmentalists like them so much.

One can only hope the religious fanaticism of global warming fizzles out before more ridiculous legislation gets passed. Until then I’m stocking up on light bulbs.

Hillary: I Bleed Green

My Way News – Clinton, Bob Villa Talk Energy Policy

Hillary is campaigning in New Hampshire with Bob Vila. If this isn’t the “Tool Time” of campaign strategies…

It’s dazzling the way she can say the most ludicrous things and be taken seriously. I often catch myself waiting for her to snap into reality and say, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!” But it never happens.

The theme in New Hampshire was “Green”. Clinton, if president, would ask citizens to invest in energy independence via a war bond type system. I’ve got a simpler plan. Drill in Alaska.

“During World War II, Americans purchased more than $33 billion in war bonds. We can appeal to that same sense of patriotism. … Just as we came together then, we can come together now,” said Clinton.

There are a couple problems with her little fantasy. First of all, her party has all but destroyed the concept of patriotism in this country. Listening to her, or any democrat for that matter, mention patriotism is the equivalent to nails on a chalkboard. Secondly, for her ilk, patriotism boils down to completely changing my lifestyle and swallowing the whole global warming myth. Not gonna happen. Did I mention I own two suburbans?

“My plan to meet these challenges is based on the old-fashioned idea of shared responsibility. “

Sounds so, I don’t know…Lenin-esque?

But it gets better.

According to Ms. Clinton, a new electrical grid would let consumers sell unused energy to their neighbors.

This has stupid written all over it. But so does global warming.

On a lighter note, Clinton said she expected to ask Vila, who has endorsed her, for advice in early 2009. “When we take back the White House, we’re going to have a lot of fixing up to do,” she said, to laughter.

Her first project for Vila will be to remove any evidence of a founding father from the premises. Then she’ll start work on Bill’s apartment over the garage.

Of course Hillary can’t wrap up a speech without slamming Bush and furthering the notion that she is completely delusional.

She criticized President Bush and his administration for not doing more to promote energy independence and accused them of raising concerns in a hostile way.

You mean by pointing out the fact that global warming is completely devoid of scientific evidence? Or by making it known that it is her Enviro-Bunny left wingers that have kept us from utilizing our own natural resources? I ask, Is there a nice, less hostile, way to say, “You’re a moron?”

“The president and vice president are using very belligerent language, talking about World War III. … Mr. President, let’s get serious about energy independence, and let’s quit using threatening and bellicose language,” she said.

Hmmm, let’s see, Iran is having Russia build them a nuclear adventure park, North Korea wants to play in the plutonium sandbox, oh, and we had planes flown into our buildings by deranged Muslims who are still intent upon wiping us off the map. You’re right, Ms. Clinton, this isn’t a time to be bellicose, it’s a time to switch all our light bulbs and make sure our deodorant isn’t emitting too many green house gasses.

And as far as threatening language goes, what about scaring the crap out of people with the whole, “It’s the end of the world if we don’t stop global warming!” mantra? Of course I’m referring those types who quake at the mention of global warming and only snicker when you mention weapons of mass destruction.

She later mocked the president for asking people to put money into the economy after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

“President Bush, after 9/11, said ‘Go shopping.’ I’ll say ‘Go green.'”

Honestly, there is something to that whole ‘retail therapy’ thing, but I don’t remember Bush telling us all to hit the mall. Hillary’s disdain over America’s good economy is showing. She’d rather we plummeted into a depression after 9/11. Apparently we were all supposed to put our money into our mattresses, or her campaign fund.

Ms. Clinton’s version of Patriotism equates to whining down the road in a hybrid sporting “Think Green”, “Kerry-Edwards”, and “Free Tibet” on the bumper. But I say we hoist our flags, get into our big, gas-guzzling Chevy’s with “These Colors Don’t Run” emblazoned on the bumper, and act a little…bellicose.

Nobel Criteria: Prize Has Nothing To Do With Peace…Or Intelligence

Media Blog on National Review Online: Meteorologist Says Gore’s Theories are “Ridiculous”.

So, Al Gore’s global warming theories that won him the Nobel are erroneous? Imagine that.

Call me fuzzy headed, but I have a few questions:

What does global warming have to do with peace?
When did Gore become a scientist? Was it when he invented the internet?
What does global warming have to do with peace?
Hasn’t anyone read the science, or lack thereof, behind the global warming fantasy?
What does global warming have to do with peace?
Who actually gets to vote on the winner of the Nobel? There obviously there aren’t any Brits on the panel:

ABC News: Nobel for Al Gore, Did You Know About Factual Mistakes in His Movie?

And finally, what does global warming have to do with peace?

If ignorance is bliss, Gore and anyone who thinks he deserves this prize must be euphoric.

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Al Gore Called Abroad For Global Warming Emergency

SFGate: Politics Blog : Carla Marinucci: UPDATE – Gore cancels appearance at Boxer fundraiser

Memo from Gore to Sen. Barbara Boxer:

Barbara, I regret to inform you that I will be unable to attend your fund raiser. I am now en route to an exciting and urgent mission that will, no doubt, result in a major breakthrough in the fight against global warming. It seems some ice is melting in a glass at an outdoor cafe in Paris. This looks BIG!! Toodles, Al.

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Gore: Censored in the UK, Oscared in the US

Schools must warn of Gore climate film bias | the Daily Mail

I have a new hero. His name is Stewart Dimmock and he lives in the UK. Why is he my hero? Because he knows liberal bias when he sees it, and did I mention he lives in the liberal UK!

Thanks to Mr. Dimmock, schools in the UK will have to issue a warning before they show Al Gore’s science fiction flick, “An Inconvenient Truth” to the kiddos. What would it take to import some saner minds from across the pond? Are there really still people in England who are of a conservative bent? It would seem so.

Of Gore’s home movie, Dimmick said, “‘I wish my children to have the best education possible, free from bias and political spin, and Mr Gore’s film falls far short of the standard required.” Ya think? Mr. Dimmock’s children would be home schooled if he lived in the states.

It would seem Gore’s movie, along with four other short films were distributed to 3,500 schools in the UK. Apparently the tree-hugging-bunnies-for-brains movement is getting busy in the Mother Land. The films were sent to schools in February. Gore’s flick was part of a packet containing other films about climate change and the carbon cycle. Riveting.

In defense of the packets, David Milibrand, the then Eviro-Bunny Secretary said, “The debate over the science of climate change is well and truly over…Oh, and the earth is flat and my great, great, great, great grandfather was an amoeba.”

And while I can’t believe I’m writing this, I am also impressed with the Daily Mail for printing a story that even hints at Gore being an idiot:

“But during the three-day hearing, the court heard that the critically-acclaimed film contains a number of inaccuracies, exaggerations and statements about global warming for which there is currently insufficient scientific evidence.”

But who needs evidence when you’ve got an agenda? As long as the message fits the Democratic paradigm, then to a liberal, it’s gospel…or kabbalah…or whatever.

I’m not holding out any hope that a disgruntled conservative parent would have similar success standing up to the schools here in the United States. It’s hard to imagine, without the aid of hallucinogenics, any judge telling the schools, “You have to warn kids that being gay is wrong and potentially dangerous before you tell them to experiment with their sexuality.”

Or how about this? “You must tell the children that evolution is just a theory with zero scientific evidence to support it before you tell them Creationists are uneducated morons.”

And wouldn’t this be nice, “Before you tell the kids Bush is an imperialist devil waging war on innocent women and children so he can keep us dependent on foreign oil, show them a map of Alaska, tell them about the oil available there and why we can’t get at it, and, for grins, tell them who flew planes into our Twin Towers in New York.”

Truly, it’s all about what we tell our children. At least the UK seems to be listening to parents to some degree. If only as much could be said for America.