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Obama: The Cyber-Messiah

Obama ‘Internet kill switch’ plan approved by US Senate panel –

In a nutshell, this bill will grant Obama the power to “take emergency action” in the event of a cyber-emergency. A cyber-emergency? Seriously?

OK, I know we’ve had some pretty serious security breaches in the past, and there are those rogue countries who would like nothing better than to hack into Rush Limbaugh’s email or the codes to some missile silo, but let’s be honest, serious as the cyber security threat is, it isn’t the real reason for this new Democrat power-grab. This is just another crisis that, in the words of Rahm Emanuel, shouldn’t go to “waste”. Crises that really exist get short shift with this regime. But a crisis they can reinvent and use to their advantage? Well, that’s cause for celebration and preemptive, liberty-stripping legislation.

When Democrats start talking about protecting us from emergencies, that is really code for, “Grab your ankles”. What most American’s consider an emergency, like…say…airplanes being flown into buildings killing thousands of innocent Americans; illegal aliens slithering across our borders at break-neck speed; or oil spewing into the gulf for two months and counting, are, in fact, not emergencies to the Obama Administration. They are merely opportunities for political advancement and an avenue by which to further strip us of our individual liberty.

Emergencies that require immediate intervention from our ass-kicking (his words, not mine) president and his jack-booted Democrats are things like the use of the incandescent light bulb; the concept of actually working for a living; and, most dangerous of all, the ability to stay informed. Which brings us to the impending “cyber-emergency, because that is what this is really about. Cloaked under the guise of protecting our cyber space from enemy hackers is the slimy underbelly of this bill – the shredding of the First Amendment.

Make no mistake, this has nothing to do with protecting this country’s cyber interests and everything to do with making sure the Democrats can operate with zero scrutiny or impunity.


Joe Wilson Aplogy Would Set Bad Precedent

If Joe Wilson were to apologize on the House floor, which he says he won’t do, it would set the dangerous precedent that anyone who dissents from the Party Line will be forced to give a self-incrimination speech. I know, it sounds paranoid, but have you seen the Democrats lately? Trust me, this is definitely the road they’d love to go down.

I’ve plugged this book before, but it’s worth plugging again. In her book, Life and Death in Shanghai, Nien Cheng, a former Shell Oil executive in Mao’s Communist China, tells just how these things work. The similiarities between the Cultural Revolution in 1960’s China and the Liberal agenda that is playing out in this country today are breathtaking…in the most disturbing way.

At the risk of sounding like a book review, this book should be required reading for anyone who wants to truly understand the mental game of the Left.

Free Speech In America Soon To Be a Memory

If you still refuse to believe our country is being run by a wannabe communist dictator and his hired thugs, then I’d like to respectfully request that you stop procreating…and voting.

While this ad, financed by the Democratic National Committee, doesn’t exactly send thrills running up my leg, it does give me some serious chills running down my spine.

This is pure propaganda. Pure intimidation. Pure bull…well, you get the point.

Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Mao would be proud.

Free Speech For the Left, Never the Right

CSU newspaper editor keeps job, admonished for profanity : CSU-Editor : Boulder Daily CameraSo, the CSU newspaper editor who “allowed the F-word to run in Colorado State University’s student newspaper” in reference to President Bush, got a mere slap on the wrist, I mean, admonishment, by the Board of Student Communications at CSU.

And yet these bastions of free speech are the very people who are demanding an apology from Rush Limbaugh. Let’s put this in perspective:

The CSU school editor runs the piece, “F……. Bush”, and he is given a pass in the name of his right to free speech.

Limbaugh says the phrase, “Phony soldiers”, in reference to people the left uses to pose as disgruntled soldiers, and gets misquoted, lambasted, and chastised for being “mean” to our troops. Oh, and the patriotically-challenged Democratic “in” crowd wants an apology for the troops. What happened to free speech?

Let’s make this crystal clear:

“F…..Bush” in reference to our president is free speech.

“Phony soldiers” in reference to…phony soldiers, is cause for a public stoning. And I ask again, what happened to free speech?

Not clear enough?

Profanity (“F….Bush”, for any libs reading this) is free speech.

Stating the obvious, especially when it’s about the left, isn’t free speech.

Again the question begs…

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Harry Reid: “No Free Speech for Limbaugh” – Limbaugh Broadcaster Comes to Radio Host’s Defense – Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum

In a brazen violation of the original First Amendment, (not to be confused with the abridged version commonly used by liberal Democrats which states that only those with a leftist ideology have the right to free speech), Senate Democrats drafted a makeshift petition demanding Rush Limbaugh’s apology for exercising his right to free speech.

From Section VII of the Democratic Play Book for Securing Power:

Assume the American public is stupid and, with reckless abandon, accuse your opponent of things you are habitually guilty of doing. To make it more credible, gather ten or so cronies together and have everyone sign their name. This is called a petition. See your student intern for a sample.

Here’s how this works. Take a bunch of liberal Democrats who have done nothing to support the troops, worked tirelessly to discredit our soldiers, and managed to completely undermine America’s integrity and watch them accuse conservatives of not supporting the troops, discrediting our soldiers, and completely undermining America’s integrity. It’s brilliant. Pathological, but brilliant.

The target: Rush Limbaugh. The mission: Place all the sins of the Democrats on his shoulders. And they say Limbaugh has the God complex? They’re the ones making him their savior.

So what has Rush done this time? According to sniveling Democrats he called veterans who oppose the war “phony soldiers”. Well if he’s talking about the Dem’s favorite ghost writer, the “Baghdad Diarist”, he’s right. But that ship has sailed, hasn’t it? However, a cursory reading of the transcript in which Rush supposedly blasphemes, makes it patently clear, to me at least, that Limbaugh, by his remark, “phony soldiers”, is probably referring to the mainstream media’s panache for creating news rather than reporting it. If you don’t think CBS news has a casting department, think again. If they can make Dan Rather come off as credible, just think what they can do with a set of dirty camos, some face paint, and an unsuspecting bystander.

I find it rich, albeit profane, to hear the Democrats refer to American soldiers as “friends” when they pretend to defend their honor. Most people want their friends to succeed. Most people want to encourage their friends. Most people don’t do everything they can to undermine their friends. Friend, along with sex, free-speech, and truth, is a relative term among Democrats. So is love, fidelity, sobriety

But let’s put this all into context here. By slandering Limbaugh and filling a petition with signatures of liberal, troop-bashing Democrats, the libs are just one step closer to making Hillary’s list of grievances, otherwise known as the Fairness Doctrine, into law. The naming of the doctrine is obviously the work of Ms. Clinton. Not savvy with a thesaurus, she’s been known to use the word faithful to describe her husband.

One must give credit to Clear Channel CEO, Mark Mays, for sticking by Limbaugh and reminding the Democrats of the existence of a First Amendment. I’ll do my best to believe it’s because Mays can differentiate between a sound mind and schizophrenic blathering, and that he’s not just trying to hold on to the fortune in ad revenue generated by Limbaugh.

Unfortunately, Mays doesn’t seem to understand who he’s dealing with when he writes:

While I do not agree with everything Mr. Limbaugh says on every topic, I do believe that he, along with every American, has the right to voice his or her opinion in the manner they choose. The First Amendment gives every American the right to voice his or her opinion, no matter how unpopular. That right is one that I am sure you agree must be cherished and protected.

Silly Mr. Mays. Just minutes after the Fairness Doctrine becomes the law of the land and Limbaugh’s airwaves become vapor trails he’ll be on the Democrat’s payroll in the unemployment line. Because, according to Harry Reid, “Only the rights of Democrats are to be cherished and protected.”