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Another 10-second Boycott of Target On the Horizon

When interns run the Target Twitter account.

When interns run the Target Twitter account.

Wow. A bonafide “screw you” from Target HQ.

I hear my conservative Christian peeps saying we should boycott Target for allowing gender-confused men to use the restroom…next to your kids.


I Would Have (Probably) Baked the Cake: Paul vs. the Constitution


I know the news cycle has moved on from this, but, true to my form, I like to contemplate an issue for a while. Let the dust settle. Marinate in it. Formulate my opinions after the Tourette’s and convulsions from both sides have subsided.

My stand on this issue has has been like a reed tossed about in the wind. But no matter how much I mull it over I end up with a conclusion that has not been popular with those whom I’ve shared it.

After scouring the Word and various commentaries, I’ve concluded that Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Bakeshop, who, because of his Christian principles, (that he and his wife believe marriage to be a union strictly between a man and a woman), refused to bake a wedding cake for David Mullins and Charlie Craig…should have baked the cake.

The Need for Acceptance is the New Courage

Social media is all abuzz about Jenner being chosen for the Arthur Ashe Courage Award over Noah Galloway. ESPN, in an attempt to dodge the negative backlash, has stated that Galloway wasn’t even being considered. If that’s true, which I’m sure it is given ESPN’s liberal bent, admittance of such doesn’t put them in any better light, in my opinion. Guess the transgendered, gender-confused, and gender-fluid (seriously, what is that?) pool left no room for any straight, heroic athletes.

Jenner Finds Himself ‘Classless’

“What is unreasonable and irritating is to assume that all one’s tastes and preferences have to be conditioned by the class to which one belongs.” ~ Dorothy Sayers

Bruce Jenner is finding this out the hard way. As the Left castigates him for coming out as a Republican, the Right excoriates him for coming out as a woman.

Jenner isn’t conforming to either class. I guess you could say he’s ‘classless’.

I’d apologize for being so quick to assume Jenner was a member of the Democrat party, but the collective gasp that went across the ether last night when he said he was a Republican assured me I wasn’t the only narrow-minded bigot in the room.

Obama Expresses Condolences for Batman Shooting Victims: Executive Order Gun Ban to Follow

Obama displayed his usual candor during his “prayer” for the victims and families of the Batman shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

Obama put his Junior College speaking tour on hold to give his condolences and a mini-lecture on how important it is to play nice and treat each other with kindness. But it was all pap when you consider the guy talking has sanctioned the “kindness” of the Black Panthers, various union thugs, and, coming soon to an office near you, thousands of new ObamaCare-enforcing IRS agents.

Spinal Surgery for Conservatives

This is a must read if you call yourself a Conservative: Andrew Klavan: Why We Fight

I’ll admit it, I am one of those women at the checkout stand who buys US, OK!, and those other ridiculous Hollywood magazines with Jen or Brangelina on the cover (Did you know Brad was pregnant?) When asked why I waste my money on these rags, my reply goes something like this: “Aside from all the great fashion tips…

 (No, really)

…I’m doing research.” No one believes me, but it’s true.

You see, I have been presciently echoing Andrew Klavan for years. The American people are not being influenced by men of intellect and integrity, as in the days of old. Americans, especially those in government, are being led, sheep style, by the power-hungry, over-indulged, morally-challenged, guilt-ridden, cause-starved narcissists in Hollywood. In short: America is being driven by popular culture. We would do well to pay attention to what these wing nuts are saying.

While Klavan rightly focuses on the highly culpable media, I would also stress that our country’s public education system, the decaying icon of the free world, which, by the way, is run by liberal Democrats (who are led by Hollywood’s immoral majority) is a dominant factor in the liberalizing, and dumbing down, of our culture.

And judging by these little darlings, it’s only going to get worse:

Spelling must be a non-issue in the Obama Youth.

But I digress…

The gist of all of this is that conservatives in this country better find their spines and start fighting for the minds of the people. When I say ‘people’, that includes children of conservatives who get dropped off at the local pub-ed. Talk about living a contradiction… This is a tall order considering that many of the so-called conservatives in our government and media have consumed more than their fair share of the Obama Kool-Aid.

For more on my thoughts on the liberalizing of our culture via the public schools and media:

Public Education and TV in America: How the Left Controls the Polls

Schwarzenneger Reich On Track With California Liberals

WorldNetDaily: The words ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ banished by California schools

According to World Net Daily:

Mom and Dad” as well as “husband and wife” effectively have been banned from California schools under a bill signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who with his signature also ordered public schools to allow boys to use girls restrooms and locker rooms, and vice-versa, if they choose.

Working on the premise that our species can actually survive by having heterosexuality abolished, Schwarzenegger signed a bill banishing the words “Mom and Dad” and “husband and wife” from being used in public schools. Apparently those nasty words are offensive to gays. Right-Wing Nut Job is offensive to me, but who’s complaining?

So, I’m curious, what do homosexuals call their parents? Do they even acknowledge that they have parents?

I’m convinced that this is a move to pander to the extremely extreme Left. You know, that segment of the liberal left that even the liberal left has a hard time claiming. Unfortunately, in California it’s hard to delineate between the two.

I find this all rather hypocritical. What about the book Heather Has Two Mommies? Looks like the Terminator just banned the lib’s favorite book. And what about Melissa Ethridge’s quote? I’m now a mother understanding the meaning of life and looking to walk that every day.” If the term “mother” isn’t offensive to Etheridge, then why should “Mom” be offensive to the gay community?

Understandably, parents (until further notice the term “parent” is still a go) are pretty angry with the bill. According to Karen England, executive director of Capitol Resource Institute:

“With this decision, Gov. Schwarzenegger has told parents that their values are irrelevant. Many parents will have no choice but to pull their children out of the public schools that have now become sexualized indoctrination.” centers.

Aha! Now parents have no choice but to pull their kids out of public school. I see. Finally, the straw that broke the camels back, eh? Cuddle puddles, teaching evolution and global warming as fact, in-services on donning condoms, oh, and getting shot in school weren’t clear enough indicators that dropping the kiddos off at the local pub-ed isn’t a good idea? Suffice it to say, the average American parent is a little slow on the uptake.

But honestly, this isn’t funny.

That this bill was even thought up shouldn’t come as a shock. And Gov. Arnold signing it shouldn’t surprise either. What do you expect from a man who once said, “My relationship to power and authority is that I’m all for it. People need somebody to watch over them. Ninety-five percent of the people in the world need to be told what to do and how to behave.” Kind of sounds like a German guy who once said, “What luck for the rulers that men do not think”.

Think I’m being paranoid? Think again. Ordering kids to disavow their parents’ rightful titles and reject the institution of marriage so as not to offend a deviant segment of society is just one more step toward turning the youth in this country into mindless propaganda machines who blindly accept political correctness as fact. And what are the odds these future Liberal mini-me’s will possess any critical thinking skills? Zilch. And to boot, they’ll be morally bankrupt. What more could a bunch of power-hungry liberals possibly hope for?

This isn’t a new strategy. As Solomon said, “There is nothing new under the sun.” All that we are seeing has been done before. Read your history and tell me, if you can, who said this: “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”

Yes, Karen England was right; parents have no choice but to pull their kids out of the public schools…if they love their kids and this great country.

Condoms for Kids Ensures Future Democrat Voting Base

From – School Offers 11-Year-Olds Birth Control

It is because of an “outbreak of pregnancies among middle school girls” that King Middle School in Portland, Maine has decided they should hand out birth control to eleven year olds.

And with that, the Liberal “No Child Left Pure” campaign rolls on.

I’ve listened to a lot of talk radio about this issue lately, and frankly I’m frustrated. The conservative talking heads are missing the big picture here. They would do well to stop acting as if the public schools need to clean up their act and protect the kids; somehow thinking you can reform a broken public school system. Here’s the epiphany: The public school system doesn’t want to be reformed. They don’t think they are broken. In fact, from their perspective, things are rolling along just peachy.

You see, America’s pubic school system isn’t about education. It’s about ensuring a future voting base for the Democrats. And how are they doing that? By making sure those little minions grow up dependent upon government hand outs. And how are they making sure the grown up minions are dependent upon government handouts? By encouraging them to make poor decisions early.

Let’s be honest (if your a lib, just let this wash over you like water on a duck’s back), there aren’t thousands of eleven year olds chomping at the bit to get some tail. In fact, most eleven year old kids are still pretty naive. But that is changing isn’t it? Why? Because the schools are putting ideas into their little heads:

A Day in the Life of a Public School Nurse:

Nurse Gloria to little Billy: “So, you’re eleven now. Thought about having sex yet? No? Well, why not? Here is a condom. Let me show you how to use it on this cucumber. Be sure to keep one in your backpack just in case you feel the urge to grope little Suzy Smith behind the gym. No, don’t keep a cucumber in your back pack, silly. You keep the condom in your back pack. What does the condom do? I’m glad you asked.”

Nurse Gloria to little Suzy: “Hi Suzy. Have you had your period yet? No? Well, you will soon. Here is some birth control for you just in case some young boy tries to take advantage of you behind the gym. You need to be protected. Just take one a day and you won’t get pregnant when you have sex. Why the funny face, Suzy? You want to have sex, don’t you?”

Instead of educating these kids to cross their legs and seriously think about their future, the liberal answer is to further facilitate the problem. Who needs to count hanging chads with this system in play? Instead of empowering a troubled demographic, like the one in King Middle School, the liberal Democrats, under the guise of Public Health and Education, pounce on these people with a venomous benevolence that will ensure a paralyzed, dependent segment of society. Oh, and did I mention a voting base?

Back in the day it was only those few rogue guys and gals who were having sex and getting knocked up. (I plead the fifth.) But now, what was once viewed as wrong is being pushed down our children’s throats as “natural” and something we expect them to be doing. Think for a moment (again, my apologies to my liberal readers), how natural is it for an eleven-year old to have sex? There was a time when just thinking along those lines got you put in jail. Not these days. In the Democratic economy this is called Progressive. For the rest of us it’s just plain sick.

The solution? Well, it isn’t handing these kids birth control. That’s tantamount to handing Ted Kennedy a bottle of Dewars and a set of car keys in an effort to prevent drunk driving fatalities. A lot of eleven-year olds have a hard time remembering their home work, let alone remember to pop a pill or keep cucumbers, I mean condoms in their book bags.

Again, the solution? It’s not an easy one. We’ve slid pretty far down this slippery slope. But a good start would be to stop looking to the schools to protect and educate our children. They dropped the ball on that one years ago. Parents would do well to pay attention to their kids and realize that, even if good moral values are being taught at home, those same values are being pulverized at school. Make no mistake, America’s public education system, aka, Democratic Party, does not want parents to be in the driver’s seat.

Am I denying that eleven-year olds are getting pregnant? No. But the question begs, Why are they getting pregnant? Who is watching them? The schools? If you think the schools are acting in the best interest of your kids then you might be interested to know Courtney Love is looking for a job as a nanny. Give her a call.

Raising America’s Youth, One Convict at a Time

School shootings are becoming the norm in this country. And while I do think the VA Tech incident had a myriad of factors that precipitated it, I am using it as a segue for my thoughts. Was the shooter at VA Tech a product of America’s child raising policies? One can only speculate.

But school shootings are becoming common place.

So why does this sort of thing happen? It’s not weak gun laws, a lack of cops roaming the halls of high schools, lame campus police, or negligent drug companies. It all starts at home. There, I said it. It…STARTS AT HOME. Or, in the case of America, the lack of time the kids get to spend AT HOME with their parents.

As Americans we have distanced ourselves from our children. We have to in order to dull the aching reality that we have handed the care, nurture, education, character development, and moral training to daycare centers, schools, and after school care.

Here is the life of a typical American kid: At six weeks Jr. goes to daycare for 6-9 hours a day. Once she is three (as many states are pushing for) she goes to a nice preschool that offers ‘after hours’ care. After that it’s on to the public schools where they can go early for breakfast and stay in after school care until mom can pick them up. All told, the child spends more than half of his/her waking life in the care of those outside of the home. Because of this, the last several generations suffer from various forms and degrees of attachment disorders.

Does any thinking person really wonder why America’s children are a little edgy?

And we are not only abandoning our children, we are afraid to assert any authority over them.

Case in point:

Today, while grocery shopping, I witnessed a young mother wilting under the authority of her child. This little girl screamed, and I mean screamed, throughout their entire shopping spree. People were literally stopping in the aisles to roll their eyes or offer looks of condolences to the mother. Some, like me, were more than ready to offer to watch her cart while she took her little ‘darling’ out to the car. This mother cajoled, negotiated, and scolded her little…girl.

In the paper goods aisle a woman asked me, “Has that little girl been screaming the whole time?” I replied in the affirmative. Then I ventured out into the politically incorrect realm and said, “I don’t think she knows who the mother is. That little girl needs a spanking.” (Reminder: I live in the great, liberal, be-nice-to-everyone-but-conservatives state of Washington. I was flirting with excommunication here.)

The woman nodded her head in a clandestine fashion and said in a low voice, “Yes, she does. But you know what will happen if mom does spank her.” And what might that be? Well, the government nannies would repel from the ceiling Monsters Inc. style, rescue the child and put mom in containment.

And there is the rub and the hub of the problem in this country. We are afraid of our own children; afraid to give them the Biblical discipline they so desperately need because we are afraid of the state’s power to punish us or take our babes away. In short, we are afraid to take our God-given responsibility in raising our children seriously because we’ve believed the lie that the state knows better.

So we let our kids scream. We don’t discipline them. We let them scream. And when they enter school their screams turn into behaviors that bring teachers to the brink of insanity because they aren’t allowed to discipline them either. Johnny won’t sit still. He can’t concentrate. He assaulted the principal. It is obvious he hasn’t been trained to control himself, but that is beside the point. The answer: Medicate him. After several years on the mind-numbing drug, Ritalin, Jr. still has no idea how to control his emotions. The next logical step: “Johnny’s got a gun” (to the tune of Aerosmith). The result is splashed over newspapers nationwide.

Think on this: Our kids are killing each other.

And to add more kerosene to the fire, they have no fear of authority.

This vicious cycle is brought to you by the “It Isn’t Nice To Spank Your Kids” coalition with additional funding provided by the “Let the State Raise Your Kids” foundation. How do we ever thank them?

Am I making unfair assumptions about the upbringing of school shooters? About the VA Tech shooter’s upbringing? Maybe. But sadly, the odds that I’m right are in my favor. I’m not out to malign them but the question begs to be asked, “How bad does it need to get before parents stop living in fear and take their children back?”

At the risk of coming across as some kind of conspiracy theorist, I want to recommend a book that I feel is a must read for all parents. It isn’t a book on parenting styles, educating your child, or helpful tips for the harried family. It’s a book about the Holocaust. It’s about what happens when parents abdicate their God ordained authority over their children and give it to the state. The book is called PARALLEL JOURNEYS by Alfons Heck. Before you dismiss me, humor me and read it.

Classic Rock or Ancient Rock?

While the tabloids spin it as old age memory lapses, I prefer to call Mick Jagger’s need for a teleprompter during Rolling Stone concerts what it really is: Drug and Alcohol Induced Brain Atrophy (DAIBA).

Haven’t we all been saying it? It’s time to hang it up Mick. And as for your side kick Keith…well, Yikes!

NewsMax Article

The band has a combined age of 249. Their fan base has a combined age of about 208,437. Many of them look to be suffering from DAIBA as well.