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Victimhood vs. Reality: The Stratagem of the Left

Where some see cake, others see triggers.

Whole Foods has a wide selection of gluten-free triggers.

Have you heard about the gay pastor in Austin, TX who falsely accused a bakery employee at Whole Foods of writing a homophobic (still not a word, in my book) message on a cake?

Yep, apparently bakeries are a trigger for LGBT activists.

I don’t know if Pastor Jordan Brown is a LGBT activist or even a Democrat, but if it looks like rat, smells like a rat, and behaves like a Democrat, well…

From the piece in National Review by Charles C.W. Cooke:

“At one level I must confess to feeling sorry for the man: What manner of paranoia does one have to succumb to in order to believe that one is likely to be targeted by a gay-activist cake-maker in an Austin Whole Foods? At another, though, I consider his conduct to be unforgivable, and I hope that he is shooed hastily out of all polite society. Leaving to one side that he accused an innocent man of an infraction he did not commit, Brown is evidently unable to see the world with sufficient clarity to operate responsibly within it. At some point in the past, he has decided that the United States is a brutal, unforgiving, and serially ugly sort of place, and having failed to find the evidence to confirm his conjectures, he has resolved to fashion them from whole cloth. There’s a word for behavior like that, but it isn’t “love,” “acceptance” or “outreach.” It’s not “civilized,” either.”

Whether you’re pro-gay, anti-gay, or really don’t care either way, the lesson learned here for all camps is that reality isn’t being accurately portrayed. And this is going to be even more evident between now and November as Democrat operatives glom on to fairy tale victimhood stories like Brown’s and use them to motivate their base.

As I wrote in my last piece, the strategy of the Democrats will be to whip up the anger and ire of every special interest group that aligns with them. Because Leftist ideas cannot stand up to debate or scrutiny they have to be advanced by fabricating false grievances in order to the agitate the base into action, which isn’t hard since the leadership knows their base doesn’t possess even a modicum by way of critical thinking skills.

All the special interests tied to the Democrat party have their own brand of fabricated victimhood: Feminists have their rape culture, war on women, and, of course their oppressive  “reproductive restrictions” to contend with. The African-American community’s Black Lives Matter has America’s profiling, thug police forces to do battle with. The LGBT folk have marriage bans, bathrooms, and bakery discrimination to fight against. And, entering the fray, “the wage-earners” are being convinced that they aren’t getting paid enough to flip burgers (a purely Marxist strategy, BTW).

These groups are going to get loud, proud, and in our faces.

For the record, not all women are feminists, not all African-Americans are on board with the BLM movement, and not all homosexuals are militant trans-types obsessing over bathroom privileges. Oh, and thankfully, pastors engaging in gay activism are still among the minority.

Adding to the frustration, the Republicans will find themselves wasting time and sweating bullets defending their position on these fabricated issues when some furrowed-brow pundit on a news show demands it.

And the Republican can’t truthfully say that the “problem” doesn’t exist to the extent the Left is saying or that it’s simply a false narrative without being branded as a sexist, homophobe, racist, bigot, or greedy one-percenter.

Its going to be maddening to watch.

Keep this in mind during the upcoming months of this election cycle, because these kind of shenanigans are going to ramp up considerably.


While We’re At It, Let’s Boycott Pub Ed


If you are still morally outraged and unflinchingly convinced that Target’s transgender bathroom policy is vile enough to warrant a committed, change-of-lifestyle-boycott, then it’s time (way past) to boycott public education as well.

Community Organizing the ACORN Way

Reason number 235,698,001 why I suspect my tax dollars are possibly being misspent.

This from Andrew Breitbart’s new site,

Newsflash: Acorn got upwards of $4.5 billion from Obama’s stimulus package. Oh, and Obama worked with these people in Chicago as a community organizer.

I don’t want to spoil it for you, but I will tell you that this tale involves ACORN, a pseudo-prostitution ring, the pseudo-trafficking of young ladies, and your very real tax dollars. Chaos For Glory: My Time With ACORN

Video #1 of Undercover Investigation.

Video #2 of Undercover Investigation.