Another 10-second Boycott of Target On the Horizon

When interns run the Target Twitter account.

When interns run the Target Twitter account.

Wow. A bonafide “screw you” from Target HQ.

I hear my conservative Christian peeps saying we should boycott Target for allowing gender-confused men to use the restroom…next to your kids.


But let’s be honest, no matter the issue, we really haven’t proven that we’re very good at this boycott thing.

When called upon to show support and solidarity by frequenting a business that has been targeted by the SJWs (Social Justice Warriors, in this case the LGBT/trans militia, et al), people of faith rock. Think Chick-fil-A when their HQ used their outside voice and said they were into traditional marriage. Nearly every Chick-fil-A across the country was so bombarded by support for their moral stand that they became record-breaking busy.

The takeaway: We’ll consume copious amounts of nuggets and sweet tea for a cause. Kind of a win-win…or more along the lines of a self-indulgent moral high ground?

But when it comes to denying ourselves for a cause, we kind of suck at that. (Explains why fasting is the least practiced discipline among Christians.)

Many have become nearly apoplectic by Target’s decidedly fringe left stance on transgender bathrooms, but c’mon, people, let’s hold off on the righteous indignation unless we really plan to follow through.

Remember in 2012 when Target ran their same-sex wedding registry ad?


And in 2014 when they came out against traditional marriage laws and called them “marriage discrimination”?

The Christian community got all wrapped around the axle over that, but then, after a conscience-gratifying amount of time they were back in Target getting their Mossimo t-shirts, ridiculously over-priced home gizmos, and Peet’s Coffee.

The fact is, the Left could be darn near dismantled if Conservative Christian Right-wingers (like moi) would practice some self-denial. Don’t like where the culture is going? Get rid of that flat screen TV you arrange your furniture around like some kind of shrine. (Guilty) If we would stop marinating in the sex-obsessed, violent-laden, pro-gay, Christian-bashing, anti-family, militant feminist, and, let’s face it, insultingly mindless trash that makes up pretty much everything on TV, the Leftist agenda would be slowed down considerably. (It wouldn’t be halted because we would still have academia, the Left’s mothership, to contend with.)

Likewise, if we stopped giving our money to a corporation that advocates all of the above and has a history of thumbing their nose at us while turning their stores into Lefty Heaven, Target might actually feel some financial sting.

But if history is any kind of teacher, we won’t.

We might be people of faith and people of conscience, but people of self-denial? Not so much.

And Target’s HQ knows this.

A wise friend once said, “You end up with what you put up with.”

As long as we keep throwing money at leftist places like Target, we’re going to end up with leftist places like Target. And we don’t get to act all POed when they behave in a manner that lines up with who they openly claim to be…something we can hardly claim about ourselves with our 10-second boycotts.


  1 comment for “Another 10-second Boycott of Target On the Horizon

  1. Violet
    April 25, 2016 at 1:00 pm

    I am not a Christian nor do I have any interest in re-finding Christianity. The only reason I am boycotting Target but didn’t with their same-sex support is not because I have anything against gays or transgenders. I have probably shared bathrooms with Transgenders at San Francisco rave parties and it was no big deal. The transgenders were one of the girls. However, the big difference here is that this action takes women’s control over their facilities completely away from them. If I need a cis-man pervert removed from my bathroom (like say showers at the gym) the police will now be helpless to do anything as long as the man claims he is transgender.


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