Month: January 2016

The Color of Grace: Healing for Child Soldiers in Africa


“What if grace were a color? What about redemption or love? I finally concluded that these words, these soulful gifts that only exist because of God, would be an array of colors too beautiful for simple words, and they can only truly be seen by living them.” ~ Bethany Haley Williams, “The Color of Grace”


If you would have told me three months ago that I’d be reading a book about a woman who is serving the Lord by bringing healing to child solders in Africa, I’d have said you had the wrong person. I’m a self-proclaimed armchair political pundit with no time for such sentimentalities. There are people specifically called to care about such things. I’m off the hook. America is in the throes of the most unserious political cycle in history. The people in Africa can wait.


Prayer and the Not-So-Artistic Journal

Jonathan Edward's journaling.

Jonathan Edward’s journaling.

When you can’t be with the ones you love, surround yourself with the things you love. That’s my motto. Since my husband is a commercial pilot and my kids have flown the coop, I’m single much of the time these days, which means I get to hole up and indulge in my favorite acceptable forms of escapism: reading and writing.

Another bonus to the quasi-single life is that I don’t have to pick up after myself. Which is ironic considering how much nag time went into getting my kids to do said opposite.

Question of the Year: Why Trump?


At a dinner party the other night I was asked the seminal question of 2015-2016, “Why Trump?” Thinking my inquisitor was assuming Trump was my man, I informed her that I wasn’t a Trumpkin. “No,” she said,  “I knew that. I’m just asking why you think he’s even being taken seriously.”

If Time Magazine ever did a Question of the Year, “Why Trump?” would be a close second to “Did a man really just win Woman of the Year?” The collective consternation of the American people over what seems to be a world turned upside down is palpable.