Month: April 2015

Feminism: Fake Advocacy and Their Great Divide

The True Beginnings of Today’s “Rape Culture”


In our Fifty Shades world I’m finding it a bit hard to take the message of this sign seriously. But since April is Sexual Assault Awareness month, signs like this are popping up all over our fruited plains. Apparently I’m going to be made to take it seriously.

Our culture is currently in the throes of a war between two factions of the feminist movement. The sex-positives and the sex-negatives. For those who didn’t know (or care) that you had a choice of flavors when it comes to radical feminism I’ll get you up to speed.


Jenner Finds Himself ‘Classless’

“What is unreasonable and irritating is to assume that all one’s tastes and preferences have to be conditioned by the class to which one belongs.” ~ Dorothy Sayers

Bruce Jenner is finding this out the hard way. As the Left castigates him for coming out as a Republican, the Right excoriates him for coming out as a woman.

Jenner isn’t conforming to either class. I guess you could say he’s ‘classless’.

I’d apologize for being so quick to assume Jenner was a member of the Democrat party, but the collective gasp that went across the ether last night when he said he was a Republican assured me I wasn’t the only narrow-minded bigot in the room.

Seeing Red Retires – Lynn Richter Blog Launches

Artwork for Seeing Red was done by Chris Muir.

Artwork for Seeing Red was done by Chris Muir.

This post is a relaunch of sorts. My blog of ten years, Seeing Red, is now the Lynn Richter blog.

Yep, it’s time I stopped playing around and got legit.

Seeing Red has been my part-time writing venture these last ten years as a way to keep my ‘wordsmithery’ from completely atrophying while I home schooled our three sons and hung out with my Navy husband when he wasn’t deployed. It has also been my own contribution to the education of the masses because, let’s be honest, if the last two presidential election cycles are any indication, they need it.