Month: September 2012

Obama and Clinton: If You’re Guilty and You Know It, Raise Your Hands…

…and if you’re Obama, ponder your travel plans to Vegas.

Revealed: America Was Warned-Did Nothing

It’s going to be nothing short of fascinating to see how these two plan on getting away with this one. But, sadly, I have little doubt that they will.

Here are my predictions for how Obama and his apparatchiks will get out of world-wide hot water.


Barack and Hillaray’s Arab Spring Rains Death On Americans In Libya

U.S. Ambassador Killed in Libya – National Journal

It is without one ounce of hesitation that I say this would not have happened if our own Democrat party hadn’t slavishly gushed over and praised the so-called Muslim Spring uprisings in the Middle East. The Muslim Brotherhood took power in Libya and Egypt with the blessing (and heaven only knows what kind of help) from the American Democrat party. Couple that with Obama being sympathetic to Muslims – “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction” – and you end up with dead Americans. Seriously, WE CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE IN NOVEMBER. The world can’t afford for us to lose in November.

Obama Reigns As the World’s Most Competitive Puppet

My first thought when I read Jodi Kantor’s New York Times article, The Competitor in Chief: Obama Plays to Win, was that she intended to bolster up Obama and make him look less like the empty suit that he really is. She didn’t pull it off.  Rather than successfully painting her Dear Leader as some kind of iconic hero, she only confirmed what many of us already knew; that he’s a pathological, narcissistic one-upper.