Month: August 2012

Hate Crimes and the Relativism of the Left

Brian Levin performed some serious mental gymnastics at the Huffington Post in an effort to determine whether the shooting at the Washington, DC headquarters of the Family Research Council should be considered a hate crime.

Seriously? This shouldn’t be such a hard thing to figure out. But then we are dealing with the obvious, and that always causes liberals an inordinate amount of consternation.


Romney-Ryan: Conservative Bloggers Get the Party Started!

Thanks to Mitt’s great VP pick, Conservative bloggers are in all-out celebratory mode. And why not? Romney has manged to pick the one guy who can really piss off Obama and his Obots. It’s like an early Christmas present.

Moonbattery and Michelle Obama’s Mirror are getting the party started with their usual “truth is, indeed, funnier than fiction” jabs at Obama, Biden, and the media going apoplectic over the Ryan announcement.