Rahm Pimps Chicago To NATO

So, the Great Lakes gang-Mecca known as Chicago scored the NATO gig. Gauging by the heavy metal fencing and the ground swell of protests already bubbling up, I’m thinking the sleepy Los Angeles community of Watts might have been a safer venue. Either way, in Obama’s America of sanctioned thuggery thinly veiled by the First Amendment, any NATO leader who misses the riots of his own country should feel right at home in ours. Especially in Chicago. And the city’s mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, couldn’t be more proud.

Emmanuel’s claim that the NATO Summit will be “historic” is probably spot-on. My money is on the media giving the impending “historical” riots more (favorable) attention than the actual Summit. Funny how anything resembling anarchy qualifies as historic to this bunch. Case in point: The last time liberals waxed eloquent about making history was when they historically voted Obama into office.

Emmanuel also claims that his beloved Chicagoland will be a real taste of America for the Summit attendees, “They get to New York or [Washington] D.C. and that’s their experience of America. They’re [now] gonna see the most American of American


So, according to the mayor, the most American of American cities has a homicide rate that is up 53 percent with shootings up nearly 20 percent in the first four months of 2012, has a reputation for gang violence  and can boast data from the U.S. Department of Justice that shows it is the most corrupt city in the country.  Only a lib would think the crime scene known as Chicago is the apple of America’s eye. Emmanuel’s praise is right up there with Ted Kennedy bragging about his water-proof watch.

What I’m betting the NATO diplomats are ‘gonna’ see is our country’s perpetually adolescent, willfully unemployed Occupiers and various other malcontents-turned-activists put on a grand show of lawlessness and undiluted disdain for authority. And even though the Obama regime, of which Emmanuel is an acolyte, has taken a position in favor of civil disobedience that results in acres of trash and piles of excrement being left behind, costing cities tens of thousands to clean up, don’t expect the Chicago Police Department to pull a Bloomberg and put up with it. If history is an indicator, the Chicago PD aren’t known for their calm restraint when dealing with mobs.

Unlike the Chicago PD, the Democrats love chaos. But the chaos the Dems have been sanctioning and, at times, financing against Wall Street and anything else reeking of capitalism or self-reliance might come back to bite them. The mindless squibs they have recruited to squat in parks and turn once nice neighborhoods into squalid tent cities have demonstrated that their collective ability to articulate a thought or locate a bathroom is sub par at best. The rub here is that the regime has created these professional protesters. The Democrat party, on various levels, employ them.

The beautiful irony of it all is that Emmanuel won’t just get to show off his beloved Chicagoland, he’ll also get to show off the spawn of the Democrat party.


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