Month: April 2011

Planned Parenthood to Keep Funds, Military to Work Pro-bono

Schumer stumping for the abortion industry vote.

Schumer: Senate Will Never, Never, Never Defund Planned Parenthood

Well, I’m glad to see the Democrats have their priorities straight. If they get their way, Planned Parenthood will stay comfortably afloat while the military is forced to dodge bullets for free.

Rational people would see this as counter-intuitive, but to the Democrat party,  this is logic in its purest form. In their minds the armed forces are a bunch of imperialist, war-mongering rapists – just boils on the butt of the world stage.  To the likes of Obama and his ilk, our servicemen do nothing but maim, kill, and destroy innocent women and children.

If that last part sounded more like Planned Parenthood’s mission statement, welcome to Bass-ackward Land courtesy of the Obama Regime. A land in which Planned Parenthood protects lives and the military destroys them. It’s a beautiful place…if your a Democrat. It’s also a figment of the Democrat party’s imagination, but when has that ever stopped them?

So why the animosity toward our military? Because, unlike Planned Parenthood, the Armed Forces don’t put a dime into the Democrat National Committee’s money laundering operation. In fact, not only does the military opt out of funding the DNC, they take precious cash from it with such non essential expenses like airplanes, ships, and…(gasp)…weapons. (And when I say weapons, I mean guns and missiles, not those sissy saline injectors that can kill an unborn baby with just one squirt!)

The big problem with Bass-ackward Land, aside from the purely dangerous lunacy of it, is that decisions are being made as if it were a real place. Hence keeping the abortion industry solvent while willingly not paying the people protecting this nation’s ass…ets.

If Obama feels so strongly about denying the military its pay, then I think it only right that those servicemen who stand guard as he and his over-indulged family slum around the halls of the White House,

or embark on, yet, another vacation

respectfully walk off the job.