Month: March 2011

Brokaw Fuzzy On Obama’s Problems

Brokaw: No President Has Faced So Many Problems


No president has faced so many problems or created so many problems? I’m pretty sure Brokaw meant to say created, because Obama’s presidency, from an hours-spent-actually-doing-presidential-stuff¬† perspective, has been a cake walk. And from where I’m sitting, it doesn’t look like he’s focusing, razor-like, on any problems.

What problems has Obama faced that he hasn’t created? Hmmm…well, there is that getting locked out of the White House problem.

"Um..guys..hello...I'm, uh, here. Could someone, uh, let me in?"

But, in truth, he actually created this little fiasco by a) not hiring competent people to house-sit, and b) not remembering the White House key Bill Clinton hid under the back door flower pot.


Google Runs Cover For Obama: No Pics of Rio Vacation?

Due to the ominous shortage of Obama in Rio photos, this cartoon is courtesy of Americans for Limited Government via the Asian Conservatives blog

Unless I missed them, I can’t find many pictures of the Obama clan in Rio. Either our Commander in Chief has informed his state-run press that he doesn’t want to be seen as the completely uninterested, narcissistic, free-loading leader of the free world that he is, or Google is running cover for him.

Both are equally plausible.

Obama’s War in Libya? A Question For the Libs

And Obama’s war is different from Bush’s war…how?

U.S. Fires Tomahawk Missiles Into Libya

Ok,Ok, it is different from Bush’s war in that Bush made the call to kick butt before the smoke cleared in NYC, unlike Obama who dithered for 31 days before acknowledging that Hillary might be on to something

Barry and Hillary: Dumb and Dumber Marxist Style

This is what happens when Dumb and Dumber are allowed to run the country.

European Government Completely Puzzled over U.S. Position on Libya.

Let’s see, she’s busy wanking about her boss and he’s…apparently not busy at all.

It’s time to grab ankle and accept the fact that any shred of respect for America that might have existed around the globe is history.


Still Chaos After Nearly a Year

I took a sabbatical from Seeing Red hoping saner minds in our government would prevail and that I would be able to come back and blog about silly things like Charlie Sheen’s meltdown and the high price of gas.¬† Sadly, that hasn’t been the case. I was giving our government…and Charlie Sheen, way too much credit.

And while a lengthy rundown of the buffoonery of the last 9 months is tempting, why work that hard when one snarky sentence will do: Obama and his regime have empowered every freedom-hating, socialist, unionizing nut-job in this country and around the globe.

Trash left behind by Wisconsin union members and their hired sympathizers.

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.