Month: July 2009

Obama-Care: Healing America One Death At a Time

Yes, Obama really said this:

We also want to start rewarding doctors for quality, not just the quantity of care that they provide. Instead of rewarding them for how many procedures they perform or how many tests they order, we’ll bundle payments so providers aren’t paid for every treatment they offer to a patient with a chronic condition like diabetes, but instead are paid for how are they managing that disease overall.

Make no mistake, this is not about health care. It’s about absolute power. It’s about playing God.

Imagine a 78-year old man with heart disease who goes in for quadruple bypass surgery. The surgery was a success. He thinks so. His doctor thinks so. His family thinks so.

But Obama doesn’t think so.

Why would a successful procedure be unsuccessful under the Obama health care plan? Well, for starters, this man is 78 years old. By democrat standards that’s way too old for this type of procedure unless you’re Ted Kennedy and you need another lobotomy. This man could be in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s or suffer from some other chronic disease that will eventually take his life. In a democrat’s mind there is no reason to keep an already compromised man on the government rolls longer than necessary. (Government rolls are strictly for the voluntarily unemployed.) And, lastly, this man might be a republican. ‘Nuff said.

In Obama Care, successful disease management (and rewards) will be inextricably linked to the value Obama and his ilk place on various segments of society.

I’ll say it again: This isn’t about health care. This is about devaluing those whom the liberal, elitist democrats deem as being undesirable.

If allowed to run its course, it will be about eugenics.

Too conspiracy theory for you? Really? We have a president who voted repeatedly against life saving measures for babies who survive abortions. This same president has appointed John-“compulsory abortions and sterilization for population control”-Holdren as his science czar. Combined these with Pelosi’s brain wave that birth control will help the economy and you’ve got the perfect pre-Nazi party mix.

History is repeating…again.

For your edification, a little primer on eugenics and the Nazi party.

The Men Behind Hitler


For St. Beal: May It Not Be In Vain

This soldier died for the very things Obama, his Commander in Chief, wants to destroy: Our freedom, our sovereignty, and our future. America is being attacked from without and within. Soldiers like Sgt. Beal are holding the front lines while those at home are giving up the rear. As a Navy wife, I can only pray that the sacrifice of our soldiers won’t be in vain.

While it’s easy to be discouraged about the state of America, this video (link below) will remind you that deep in the heart of America there are still people who know the difference between a true hero and a deranged pop icon mythically brought to the level of hero by virtue of his record sales and scandals.

Displaying this level of affection for an American soldier, let alone, America, is anathema to liberals. And their derision toward America, and the people who love her and are willing to die for her, is quickly becoming mainstream.

As I watched this video I was struck by the realization that we on the home front aren’t fighting nearly as hard to protect this country as this soldier did in Afghanistan. No, we shouldn’t turn into citizen soldiers ourselves, brandishing semi-automatics ala PLO (or the Black Panthers), but we should be doing more to honor the sacrifice of soldiers like Sgt. Beal. We need to fight against the tide of liberal anti-Americanism that pervades our politics, media, and schools. We need to stop listening to the blathering on the mainstream infomercials we call the news in this country. We need to stop sitting on our hands while Obama methodically turns this country into a socialist state. We need to stop shaking our heads when we should be shaking our fists.

We need to stop believing the lie that conservatism is dead. We need to stop letting them bully us into a corner. We need to stop acquiescing to the liberal talking points. We need to stop believing the reality they are trying to create. We need to stop being silent.

We need to line more streets with salutes and flags. We need to speak up and demand the election of men who have integrity and intestinal fortitude. We need to look at our children and take responsibility for what we will be leaving them. We need to speak up. We have voices; we need to use them.

Contrary to what those with the microphone would have us think, it is my firm belief that we are not the minority. It’s high time we stopped acting like it.

Watch this video and see what Sgt. Beal died for…and what we all should be fighting for.

KIA, Sergeant First Class John C. Beal’s return to Falcon Field, Georgia.