Month: May 2009

Prediction: Nationalized Health Care For Swine

While in the waiting room at the doctor’s office today, I had to endure The View. But, thanks to the newest national crisis, it was interrupted by a breaking story from our local news network. Someone in Oklahoma had the swine flu. Thank God for small favors. Not for the suffering Okie who has the newest threat to America, but for the break in the insipid dialogue of the View nags.

Which brings me to my prediction: The swine flu is going to be the “crisis” that Obama will use to justify nationalizing health care. It’s perfect, really. The media, on orders from the White House, no doubt, have already raised swine flu to the level of the plague. And with many Americans buying into the we’re all going to die propaganda, it’s only a matter of time before the Anointed One calls another press conference for the express purpose of saving the world from the pig sniffles.

So, how will he go about it? Hard to say. Americans aren’t a real compliant bunch. For all the medical community has told us about obesity and cholesterol…well, look around, we aren’t getting any thinner. Obama will have to resort to extreme measures. He’ll have to nationalize health care – and NOW!

Isn’t it funny how socialism is the answer to everything with these clowns? Which should be clue number one that, with them, it isn’t about helping people, it’s about grabbing power. And what better way to grab power than to convince a nation that they are powerless. Powerless against corporate CEO’s, powerless against Wall Street, powerless against global warming, and now, powerless against a virus. Kind of makes you wonder how America managed to become the most powerful nation in the world.

It only takes a cursory knowledge of history, which is far more than the average American possesses, to see that Obama isn’t breaking any new ground here. The list of socialist dictators who have scared their countries into submission is long and, in democrat circles, distinguished.

I have no doubt that my prediction will come true. It won’t be long before we get news segments and full color glossies on the cover of People decrying the plight of the down trodden who have had their lives wrecked by the swine flu. In follow-up stories bent on naming a villain (because a little virus can’t be to blame and Bush will be busy fighting off war crime charges), we’ll hear how drug companies are charging too much for medicine, and doctors are charging too much for treatment. And finally, the White House, via the media, will unveil the solutin: The Cuban health care model.

I wish I was wrong, but sadly, I don’t think I am.