Month: April 2009

Spector Defects: Where Do I Send My Thank You Note?

Senator Arlen Spector, in a laughably transparent move to keep his job at the Senate, defected to the democrat party. But that’s not news. We all knew he was “one of those” long before he came out of the closet. The nerve pinching moment, however, was when a celebratory Nancy Pelosi thought it her duty to give the republican party some advice.

“I say to Republicans in America, take back your party,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., told reporters. “The party of protecting the environment, the party of individual rights, the party of fairness.”

True to democrat form, Pelosi exercises the Say It Enough Times and They’ll Believe It tactic. But, in her defense, she got it half right. Republicans should take their party back. And while they are at it, they might want to retrieve their spines.

Once upon a time, the republican party was the party of individual rights. But the party of protecting the environment? Say it isn’t so. I guess I’m just too young to remember any granola-munching, solar panel brandishing, whack job republican environmentalists. My earliest recollection of a republican stand on the emerging environmental movement was President Reagan when he said, “A tree’s a tree. How many more do you need to look at?” That pretty much settled the matter for me.

Pelosi also contends that the republican party used to be the party of fairness. I’m not sure where she’s going with this one. A democrat’s definition of fair is not the same as a republican’s definition, or the rest of the free world’s, for that matter.

Fairness, to a democrat, is castigating corporate CEO’s for buying and flying private jets with “taxpayer dollars” while Air Force one joy rides around the Statue of Liberty burning fuel bought with taxpayer dollars. I won’t even go into the questionable fairness of not giving the people of lower Manhattan a heads-up that a 747 would be doing a creepy 9/11ish low-level fly-by in the middle of the afternoon.

To a democrat, fairness only comes into play as it applies to those groups they can exploit for a vote such as the gay community, terrorists, prison inmates, the poor, and angry feminists. For Christians, conservatives, white males, women who choose not to abort their unborn, gun owners, and people who actually earn their money, the term fairness is modified by adding the prefix un- and dropping the suffix -ness.

Pelosi is working the spin that republicans used to stand for the very things democrats are working toward. In doing this she has to rewrite history and create myths for those who actually think she knows what she’s talking about. Republicans would do well to set the record straight. But that would require a spine…

Continuing with her Say It Enough Times and They’ll Think I Really Mean It tactic, Pelosi iced the cake by saying, “Our country needs a strong Republican Party”.

Now, I’m not dumb enough to think she really wants a strong republican party, but if we can get more psuedo-republicans to come out of the socialist closet and slither over to the dark side, the old gal might just get her wish.


How To Spot a Terrorist Threat: A Liberal Primer

Napolitano and Obama demonstrating how to turn your neighbor in to Homeland Security. “We believe in total anonymity. Just point to your pro-life neighbor or the retired veteran in the grocery store and we’ll take care of the rest.”

For anyone who might be a little fuzzy on Janet Napolitano’s inter-office memo about the dangers of living next door to a military veteran, a pro-lifer, or anyone who actually views the Constitution as something more than a waste of a perfectly good tree, I offer these snippets from the book, A Liberal’s Guide To Terrorism: Can You Spot a True Threat To America?

#1 Any former member of the military who has served this country and kept Americans safe from harm, foreign and domestic: Threat

Homeland Security Action Plan: Full body cavity search of any veteran (real or imagined) before boarding an airplane. Monitor all VA loans to be sure they aren’t living too large. Limit veteran to one bag of fertilizer per year. Make them pay for their own medical care. Wire tap all American Legion and USO facilities. Direct Hollywood to make more movies depicting war vets as misguided losers who hate America (Contact Sean Penn). President Obama to make frequent visits around the world repenting of the existence of an American Military.

#2 People from other countries who have flown airplanes into the buildings of major American cities and killing thousands: Not a Threat.

These people are our friends; besides, we deserved it. They will be allowed, kufis, hajibs and all, to board any aircraft free from the fear of being unfairly profiled or cavity searched. Approximately $20 million in stimulus money allotted to resume flight classes in Norman, Oklahoma starting in 2010. $5 million in stimulus money for iPods, prayer rugs, and weekend passes for detainees in Guantanamo Bay. President Obama to make frequent visits to said countries for the purpose of repenting the existence of an infidel America.

#3 People from our own country who have bombed government buildings and called themselves “The Weatherman”: Not a Threat.

Dissent is patriotic for socialist sympathizers. President Obama to make frequent visits to said person’s home and deny the existence of a friendship.

#4 People who fight for the rights of unborn human beings. Threat.

Homeland Security Action Plan: Using Pelosi’s Economic Abortion Stimulus Plan, the government will extol the virtues of having only .5 children, raise taxes on married people with more than .5 children, and jail doctors who refuse to work toward the United State’s new goal birth rate of .5 children per year. Bankrupt Nestle Corporation (owner of Gerber foods), bail them out, change baby food jar label from healthy, chubby-cheeked little tyke to picture of malnourished third-world baby. New slogan for Gerber: “Fewer American Babies For a Better World”.

#5 People who legislate and/or perform the wholesale slaughter of millions of unborn humans: Not a Threat.

Less people make for a smaller carbon footprint. It’s about plants, stupid, not people.

#6 People who claim the right to bear arms: Threat.

Homeland Security Action Plan: Ban gun ownership. This to include: semi-automatics, hand guns, shot guns, paintball guns, air soft guns, water guns, glue guns, and those highly dangerous guns for children with the bright orange plug on the end of the barrel. Tax Ted Nugent out of the country. Report all cars brandishing an NRA bumper sticker to the Homeland Security hot line. President Obama to make frequent trips to Mexico to blame America for the violence in Mexico, and, of course, repent of America’s very existence.

#7 People who refer to our government as “The Collective” and call one another “Comrade”: Not a Threat.

It’s high time the proper verbiage was used around this country.

Getting Tea’d in Oklahoma

Risking an Obama sanctioned sniper attack, Oklahoma Right Wing Radical Extremists had a Tea Party today. But these tea parties, which are springing up all across the nation, have got Obama and his SS men (aka, the Obamanized Homeland Security…Black Panthers…same thing) a bit uptight. According to them, the world just isn’t safe with these radical subversives on the loose.

From John Romano at Big Hollywood:

A footnote attached to the report by the Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis defines “rightwing extremism in the United States” as including not just racist or hate groups, but also groups that reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority.

“It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single-issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration,” the warning says.

Translation: Opposition to anything a left winger supports is considered a threat to national security.

Translation of the translation: Oh sure, it’s all fun and games until someone gets their rights back.

Digging Up Ayn Rand

“It’s a curse, you know, to be able to look higher than you’re allowed to reach.”

While I’m not on board with her Atheist, human-centered philosophies, Ayn Rand (1905-1982), an immigrant from Communist Russia, was a prolific voice against socialism. According to Rand, We the Living is, “…as near to an autobiography as I will ever write.” She knew of what she wrote.

Here are some excerpts. The parallels with our current ascent into socialism are hard to miss.


“It is a story about Dictatorship, any dictatorship, anywhere, at any time, whether it be Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, or – which this novel might do its share in helping to prevent – a socialist America.” We the Living was finished in 1933, but was not published until 1936.

“The principle reaction of the manuscript’s early readers, she wrote in a 1934 letter, “is one of complete amazement at the revelation of Soviet life as it is actually lived.”

For nearly three years We the Living was rejected by New York publishers. Most rejection letters said that the author didn’t understand socialism. Once the book reached Macmillan, one editor, Granville Hicks, fought strenuously against the book’s publishing. Hicks later admitted to being a member of the Communist Party.

“Ayn Rand knew that the American public did not understand the nature of communism, but she did not know that she was trying to publish the truth at the start of the Red Decade, as it was later called. An anti-communist librarian had told her, when she was still working on the novel, that “the communists have a tremendous influence” on American intellectuals, “and you will find a lot of people opposing you.””

Movies made of the book were banned by Italy’s fascist government and, not surprisingly, the Nazi party. “…eloquent proof that the book is not merely “about Soviet Russia.”

(Forward from Rand)

“When at the age of twelve, at the time of the Russian revolution, I first heard the Communist principle that Man must exist for the sake of the State…I am still a little astonished, at times, that too many adult Americans do not understand the nature of the fight against Communism as clearly as I understood it at the age of twelve: they continue to believe that only Communist methods are evil, while Communist ideals are noble.”

(From the novel. Think: The auto industry)

“Four years ago Argounov’s textile factory on the outskirts of the capital [Petrograd] was nationalized in the name of the people. In the name of the people the banks were declared national property.”


“Petrograd had seen five years of revolution. Four of those years had closed its every artery and every store, when nationalization smeared dust and cobwebs over the plate-glass windows; the last year had brought out soap and mops, new paint and new owners, as the state’s new Economic Policy [NEP] had announced a “temporary compromise” and allowed small private stores to re-open timidly.”


“Alexander Dimitrievitch [upon returning to Petrograd] asked hesitantly: “Have you heard what…about the factory…what happened to my factory?”
“Closed,” Vasili Ivanovitch snapped suddenly. “They couldn’t run it. Closed. Like everything else.”


“But I – I thought – with the NEP and all, you have private stores now.”

“Sure – NEP, their New Economic Policy, sure, they allow private stores now, but where will you get the money to buy there? They charge you ten times more than the ration cooperatives. I haven’t been in a private store yet. We can’t afford it. No one can afford it. We can’t even afford the theater.”

(Think: Academia in America and all the “experts” who get face-time on the MSM.)

“That’s the trouble with our spineless, sniveling, impotent, blabbering, broad-minded, drooling intelligentsia. That’s why we are where we are.”

(Discouraging Achievement and Individual Liberty)

A conversation between the protagonist, Kira, and her Communist friend, Victor. Kira has just told Victor that she aspires to be an engineer:

“It is the only profession,” said Kira, “for which I don’t have to learn any lies. Steel is steel. Most of the other sciences are someone’s guess, and someone’s wish and many people’s lies.”

“Frankly,” said Victor, “your attitude is slightly anti-social Kira. You select a profession merely because you want it, without giving a thought to the fact that, as a woman, you would be much more useful to society in a more feminine capacity. And we all have our duty to society to consider.”

“Exactly to whom is it that you owe a duty, Victor?”

“To society.”

“But,” said Kira, “I don’t understand it. To whom is it that I owe a duty? To your neighbor next door? Or to the militia-man on the corner? Or to the clerk in the cooperative? Or to the old man I saw in line, third from the door, with an old basket and a woman’s hat?”

“Society, Kira, is a stupendous whole.”

To which Kira responded, “If you write a whole line of zeroes, it’s still – nothing.”

“Child,” said Vasili Ivanovitch, “what are you doing in Soviet Russia?”

“That,” said Kira, “is what I’m wondering about.”

(If Obama can pay your mortgage, he can do whatever he pleases with your home.)

“…In the old houses now nationalized for government offices.”


“The new Soviet passport was more than a passport: it was a citizen’s permit to live.”

(Obama’s Volunteer Service Program)

“Born in 1904, eh?” said the Soviet official. “That makes you…let’s see…eighteen. Eighteen. You’re lucky, comrade. You’re young and have many years to give to the cause of the toilers. A whole life of discipline and hard work and useful labor for the great collective.”


“You just come with me and I’ll tell you for whom to vote.”

(The Media’s Compliance – forced or voluntary)

“Of course, there wasn’t much in the paper. They wouldn’t print it. But you have to know how to read between the lines.”

I guess you could call me a conspiracy theorist, but I’m right, so what’s the point. You see, it’s like I’ve been saying for years: Those who don’t know history will repeat it.

Americans are intellectually bankrupt when it comes to knowing their history or the history of other nations. Hence a popular vote for a guy who didn’t even try to hide the fact that he’s a flaming socialist.

Heck, if Obama’s “seal” looked like this he would have probably gotten more votes (only because the American Communist Party would have known, beyond a shadow of a doubt, where his loyalties lie).

If you have the stomach for it, pick up Rand’s book for a foretaste of what is headed our way if this insanity isn’t stopped.