Month: February 2009

Could Mary Jane Bail Out California?

Marijuana Revenue Could Bail Out California

Whining over the huge taxes that aren’t being collected from the lucrative dime-bag business, liberals propose legalizing Mary Jane.

This goes beyond ludicrous, but it is a liberal idea so it’s not at all surprising. If pot is legalized it will, no doubt, be regulated. And if pot is regulated that means our government will go into the hemp business.

Enter the hemp czar…but he’ll have a less street-trashy name like Chairman of Cannabis Stabilization.

I think drug dealers should lobby congress to make sure this doesn’t happen. Hundreds, no, thousands of seasoned drug dealers could be put out of business by a bunch of rank amateurs in suits. And considering the track record of the government, odds are they’ll keep all the good stuff for themselves and sell the average American the stinky weed.


Obama to FDR: My Package is Bigger Than Yours

Conventional wisdom asserts that FDR got us out of the Great Depression. That is patently untrue. If anything, FDR’s New Deal prolonged the Great Depression.

History is repeating.

Once again, more from a history textbook that will never be employed by America’s public education system:

“It is important to realize when studying the Great Depression that free enterprise economics did not fail; what failed was the attempt of liberal politicians and businessmen to manipulate the economy and create “permanent” prosperity.

Think: “Obama will put gas in my car and pay my mortgage.” While liberals claim that they want everyone to prosper, they are lying. They want to steal from those of us who work so they can fund their liberal programs. And with their liberal programs they will succeed in keeping the lower income class…a lower income class.

“In 1932, Democratic candidate Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected President of the United States. FDR called for firm, aggressive action to cope with the economic woes of the day, and declared, “I pledge myself to a new deal for the American people.”

Think: Hope and Change. Obama ran on a platform of the Apocalypse. If we didn’t elect him, America would go to hell in a Bush basket. And while FDR did walk into an economic mess, what the average American doesn’t know is that, just like the politics of Obama’s party are largely responsible for the financial mess he “inherited”, the same was true of FDR’s party and the financial mess he “inherited”. Um, that party would be the democatic party, by the way.

“Once in office, FDR and his advisors adopted the untried and unproven econimic theories of John Maynard Keynes. Keynes was a British liberal economist who advocated central planning and massive economic and social intervention by government in order to bring a nation out of economic recession or depression.”

Think: Obama is not employing untried and unproven economic theories. Obama is employing economic theories that have been tried and have been proven to fail. Maybe FDR deserves some slack for ushering in socialist economics unwittingly (After all, he was a democrat, and we all know that democrats are attracted to socialism like flies to…well, you know). Obama isn’t ushering in socialism unwittingly. He, and Pelosi and Reid, know exactly what they are thrusting on to America.

“Following Keynesian policy, the FDR administration launched its “New Deal” by calling upon the federal government to create employment by spending huge sums of money for public works construction and public employment of workers. Keynesian economics and New Deal legislation were aimed at “priming the pump” and “spending the nation into prosperity”.

Think: FDR’s plan was bad enough, but Obama’s is even worse. Not only will he make Bush look like a fiscal conservative, his stimulus package creates virtually no jobs, just freedom-stealing bureaucracies that will never go away.

“New Deal policies substituted economic security for economic freedom. FDR and his advisors reinterpreted the Delcaration of Independence and the Constitution to mean that the federal government should not only promote the conditions for happiness and prosperity, but now should actually create happiness and prosperity by providing federally guaranteed jobs, housing, income, and old-age pensions”

Think: As with FDR’s New Deal, Obama’s Flush America Plan not only wipes out economic freedom, it also makes the notion of economic security uproariously absurd. No one will experience happiness and prosperity under Obama’s plan. The down-trodden will stay that way because the incentive to work has been taken away. And those of us who do work will have less of our money because we will be paying for the permanently down-trodden.

“Many believed that under the New Deal, the United States took a large step away from a constitutional republic based upon law toward a socialist democracy based upon total “equality” for the masses.”

Think: By “many believed”, this text is referring to thinking Americans. That excludes power-hungry democrats and their lazy constituents.

“In every nation that has incorporated socialism as a way of life, it has proved to be a self-defeating system that takes away individual productivity, responsibility, and ultimately individual freedom. Indeed, after six years of government job programs, regulation, and extensive spending, over 9 million workers remained unemployed with the U.S. government expanded its power over business, industry, and agriculture.”

Think: Can you say “Hope and Change”?

“The New Deal did little to help the economy and, in some cases, actually prolonged the Depression.”

Think: No, really America, think!

Republican Plants At Obama’s Fort Myers Love Fest?

There is no way on God’s green earth that this clown isn’t a plant. And I’m not talking a Democrat plant. This Julio chucklehead had to have been paid by the Republican party to act like such a moron.


Obama kind of works the stage like Bono. Maybe he’s had lessons.

Julio, still unable to stand still due to the thrill running up his leg, had this to say about his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to talk to the leader of the most powerful nation in the world (for a few more days at least):



Seriously, if this guy isn’t a highly paid Republican plant, then Obama’s constituents are even bigger imbeciles than I ever thought possible.

Then there is Henrietta Hughes, the mainstream media’s new Face of the Recession. Obama was darn near Oprah-esque with this one.



Turns out Henrietta did get her house. I think it would be rather interesting to check in on her in about six months to see who’s paying her utility bills.

I’m in agreement with Rush on this one. If I had the chance to speak with the president, I don’t think I’d play the part of a beggar. But that’s just me I guess. Actually, if I had the chance to talk to President Obama, I’d pass and ask if I could tour the Jelly Belly factory instead. Sure, I’d be passing up the opportunity of a life time, but given the treatment of Joe the Plumber, I’d also be passing up a rectal exam.

And then there was the couch-potato who actually had the marbles to ask Obama to give him a raise in his unemployment check. Now there’s an incentive to get a job.

I’m telling you, if this is the work of the new chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, then there might be hope for the Republican party after all.

Liberalism: Another Primer

More from a history textbook that will never grace the hallowed halls of a public school:

What phenomenon at the beginning of the 20th century threatened to destroy the roots of Western civilization?


Define modern liberalism.

Modern liberalism is the desire to be free from absolute standards and morals, especially those of the Scriptures.

To what end does modern liberalism lead?

Modern liberalism usually leads to the imposed restraints of government control over many aspects of life, resulting in the transfer of responsibility from the individual to the state.

(Given the trail Obama is blazing, look for a primer on fascism in the near future.)

And my mantra remains the same: If you are ignorant of history, you will be doomed to repeat it. Thanks to the ignorance epidemic in this country (and thank you public education), Obama’s plans to turn this country into a socialist state will, no doubt, come to fruition.

According to The Heritage Foundation, President Reagan Saw This Coming

Too bad the rest of America doesn’t.