Month: September 2008

Obama Continues Global Campaign

The Brits and Obama?

Well, this certainly looks like an Obama photo-op gone wrong. As is typical of oblivious egoists, Obama doesn’t seem to notice that he’s the only one enjoying the moment.


Palin’s Speech Rouses Freudian Slip at CNN

Speech writer or not, Palin kicked some Dem tail tonight. It was refreshing to hear the Republicans finally hand it to the leftist Liberals. And while the Democrats over at CNN are already whining about her scathing sarcasm, and speculating that she came on “too strong”, it has become apparent that the Republican party is finally taking the offensive. It’s enough to make me want to drink the McCain-Palin Kool-aid.

I’m not sure what is meant by Palin coming on “too strong”. I mean, she didn’t cackle or anything, as some female wanna-be candidates are wont to do. My bet is that it was her brazen comment about her husband still being “her guy” that caused the neck hair of feminists nationwide to stand on end.

Her delivery of some great one-liners aside, and I do mean great, I think the most memorable part of the evening was when, after Arizona gave McCain the nod, CNN’s ticker at the bottom of the screen read: “McCain Wins Democratic Nomination”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought he had just won the Republican nomination.

As if being the Democrat party’s…rhymes with “stitch”…isn’t humiliating enough, now CNN lackeys will be expected to gush Democratic style while suffering from, what appears to be, a pretty bad case of candidate envy.