Month: February 2008

Global Warming: A Socialist’s Hot Dream

Book Review The Suicidal Planet – Mayer Hillman

My son is doing a research paper on global warming. I picked up The Suicidal Planet from his stack of global warming books and nearly lost my lunch. I found myself inside the mind of a seriously deranged man…and it was scary.

Aside from the fact that the THEORY of global warming has zero scientific proof, this book furthers the lunacy by promoting global rationing of energy. (Think carbon offsetting with a very Lenin-esque flair.)

After whining about how we’re all going to die, the earth is in peril, and governments (namely the US) aren’t doing enough, Hillman graces us with his…solution. (Again, think Lenin.)

He proposes that everyone will get an equal carbon allowance, or “right of emissions”. That right there should scare the cr*p out of any thinking person. Hillman states that some exceptions would need to be made (probably for Gore so he can continue his jet-setting life sytle.) But it gets better:

“Carbon allowances will have to decrease steadily every year in line with negotiated international reductions.”

Again, if you don’t have the willies yet, you are obviously brain dead…or a liberal. International reductions translates into the UN telling you how long you’re allowed to read in bed at night with the aid of a lamp.

“By giving due warning of the annual reduction in the future allowance, people will be able to make changes to their homes, their transportation arrangements, and their general lifestyles at the least cost in the way that suits them best.”

Suits them best? This whole plan has gone WAY beyond suiting anyone best. Remember: Global warming is a theory. Note also: Some are now lamenting a global ice age. See a problem here?

“The introduction of carbon allowances will bring in a self-reinforcing social and financial system that enables and rewards people for living within their rations.”

Lenin tried this with farming. Ever been to Russia? They still haven’t recovered.

Only a flaming liberal would buy off on this. Self-reinforcing. Self??? I’m only allowed X-amount of carbon usage yet it is being spun as self reinforcing. Since when is rationing by the government (or the UN) something anyone would choose? The rationing forces people to live within what the government thinks they should be allowed. And it punishes those who enjoy the fruits of their labor by driving SUVs, taking vacations, and living in large homes. (Unless, of course, you’re Al Gore.)

“Carbon allowances will create winners and losers-people who have lower than average emissions and who thus have a surplus to sell, and those with higher emissions who have to buy extra emissions rights if they want to maintain their patterns of energy use.”

True to liberal form, it boils down to winners and losers. Also true to liberal form, they’ll be the ones deciding which one is which.

Hillman then introduces the nifty little “Carbon Allowance Card”. This is a “smart” card that everyone would brandish in order to purchase fuel or travel services. Guess there’s no need to wonder where America’s currency is headed.

Hillman, in an obvious slip, shows his true socialist colors (and his sheer disdain for self-government) with this comment:

“One objection to personal carbon allowances is that it puts all the responsibility for reducing carbon dioxide emissions on individuals…”

Yea, wouldn’t want that. But I’m not seeing a whole lot of options in the area of personal responsibility here. It’s either use the “smart card” or walk to work…in Birkenstocks.

The question begs – Just who is getting rich off this little scheme? The government has never been a not-for-profit gig. Well, it was in the beginning, but that was a long time ago…

The Suicidal Planet is a great read for people (liberals) who are more than willing to hand over their freedoms to a bunch of green types like Al Gore who, themselves, burn tons of energy with reckless abandon. In a nutshell, it’s the perfect “Socialism For Dummies” guide for the budding socialist.

A truly Orwellian piece of junk. Unfortunately, as the world’s population continues to trust pop culture and junk science over true academia and true science, this type of thinking will eventually prevail.