Month: November 2006

2006 Election Points to Ignorance

History Will Teach Us Nothing…Especially If It Isn’t Taught

So, why did the elections turn out the way they did? Good question. Lucky for all of you, I have the answer: America, as a whole, is becoming stupid.

I know, I know, Rush gets on to the Democrats for treating their base like idiots; for insulting the intelligence of the average American. But honestly, the Dems are on to something. They should be. An ignorant America has been a successful part of the liberal agenda for the last five decades. And unfortunately, Republicans aren’t immune.

So where, you may ask, is this liberal agenda being played out?

In our public schools.

If you are surprised, you’ve proven my point already.

In a nutshell, America’s public schools are nothing more than socialist training camps. The curriculums are liberally biased, the policies are anti-family, and actual learning is non-existent. Oh, and kids have been known to get shot.

The best way to oppress a people is to keep them ignorant. Every good dictator knows this. And the liberal Democrats know this. They know that you can get a bunch of ignoramuses to do and believe just about anything. Need an example? I’ll skip the dolts that actually believe in the miracle of embryonic stem cell research and go further back in history for a more chilling example.

Before World War II, Hitler started his own version of the Boys Scouts called the Hitler Youth. These soon-to-be-twisted minions were told the state (Hitler) and the schools had more authority over them than their own parents. The German schools, ie., Hitler Youth Training camps, taught, with pictures, how to identify a Jew. They also taught the kids what to think about Jews. Academics went by the wayside as the German government sought to control the minds of its youth. Critical thinking wasn’t taught or even encouraged. Loyalty to the school and Hitler were the only objectives. This little social experiment produced a generation of adolescents who were more gruesome and feared than the German SS.

I could go on. The examples are legion. The Clinton antics alone could fill volumes with illustrations of how ignorant individuals will believe the unbelievable. History is rife with examples of people being led to the slaughter like mindless sheep simply because they didn’t possess the skills necessary to see danger. And, thanks to our public schools, history is repeating itself with reckless abandon.

The steady decline in the performance of America’s school children over the last several decades and the results of last night’s elections are not two disconnected entities. The liberals, who have had a choke-hold on public education, have intentionally operated with the intent of dumbing down or, more accurately, reprogramming, the general population of school children. Why? Because they know that, one day, the little mushheads will vote. Don’t believe me?

Think about it. Take a look at that sixteen year old that lives down your street. You know, the one with the dyed jet black hair; pierced eyebrow, lip, and nose. Yea, the one with the Marilyn Manson shirt. Guess what. He’ll be voting in two years. And chances are, if he’s not truant or a drop out, he sits in a liberal public school for six hours a day getting a good dose of “America Sucks” ideology. Still don’t believe me? Well, if you’ve got the guts, ask him what he thinks of America. Better yet, ask him what he thinks of Bush. And while you’ve got his attention (be quick, he’s probably on Ritalin because the school nurse diagnosed him with ADHD) ask him to name the Founding Fathers or recite the Preamble of the Constitution.

The sad truth is, America’s public schools stopped teaching pure academics and the truth about history years ago. So now a large part of our population has no base by which to weigh the issues against. No plumb line. No ability to think critically or logically. Instead they listen to the likes of Oprah, Rosie, and George Clooney. And to a frighteningly large segment of American voters, these clowns actually come across as being smart.

History will continue to repeat itself if we continue to ignore it. And if the liberal Democrats keep control of the public schools, elections like this one will become the norm.