Month: September 2006

Classic Rock or Ancient Rock?

While the tabloids spin it as old age memory lapses, I prefer to call Mick Jagger’s need for a teleprompter during Rolling Stone concerts what it really is: Drug and Alcohol Induced Brain Atrophy (DAIBA).

Haven’t we all been saying it? It’s time to hang it up Mick. And as for your side kick Keith…well, Yikes!

NewsMax Article

The band has a combined age of 249. Their fan base has a combined age of about 208,437. Many of them look to be suffering from DAIBA as well.


The Only Peaceful Muslim is a Lapsed Muslim

Are we done pretending Islam is a religion of peace? After reading a good chunk of the Quran and some of the Hadith I’ve come to the conclusion that most of the world is completely stupid when it comes to Islam. If Islam is a religion of peace, Oprah is a size three.

I crack up when Bush, and scads of other talking heads throw Islam a bone and scold the ‘radical terrorists’ for maligning the religion of peace. I’m convinced most people adopt this view because they are scared witless…literally. If you are a true card carrying Muslim that follows the teachings of Allah literally and views American and Jewish infidels as jihad fodder, your not a radical extremist giving Islam a bad name, your simply following the tenants of your faith.

Allow me to pose an example:

I am a fundamental conservative Christian. I take the Bible literally (Translation: I’m sinner who, if it weren’t for grace, would be headed for the frying pan). I do my best to follow God’s precepts by obeying His word and living a life that will glorify Him. I work diligently to raise my children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. (Again, that grace and frying pan thing…). I follow the tenants of my faith.

Conversely, there are many people out there who warm the pews every Christmas and Easter, can quote John 3:16, and have a dusty family Bible being used as a bookend for their DVD collection but they don’t have any real clue about this god they visit bi-yearly, yet they call themselves Christians.

Now, cut to your fundamental Muslims who read the Quran, follow its precepts and take it quite literally. They also raise their kids in the fear and admonition of Allah. They are the true Muslims. They are the ones living in Norman, Oklahoma getting flying lessons and daydreaming about 72 vestal virgins. These are not peaceful people.

Now enter the ‘lapsed Muslims’, that is, Muslims who, yeah, they have a dusty copy of the Quran lying around somewhere but they only crack it open at Ramadan. A few might have come over here as a part of some intricate jihad coup (like the 9/11 goons) but realized living like an American infidel has its perks. Of course, when the old school in-laws come over the wife ditches her Gap jeans, covers her face, rearranges the living room furniture to face Mecca, and acts like she hasn’t been out of the house in months. These are the peaceful Muslims.

Screwy theory? Maybe. But I think I’m on to something.

Lapsed Christians make a farce out of Christianity. Lapsed Muslims do the same to the religion of Islam. But I’ll take a backsliding Muslim any day.