Month: March 2006

Hillary Raises Bar For Democrats

“Mrs. Clinton, how do you spell liberal?”

“E-X-P-L-O-I-T.” And Hillary Clinton is our spelling bee winner.

At a gathering of Irish immigrants, Mrs. Clinton accused Bush of trying to create a police state by wanting to round up millions of illegal aliens, nearly three-fourths of her voting base, and ship them back to their homeland. Article Link

Well, she’s got some kahonas, I’ll give her that. But what is hard to understand, (well, not really), is why she would make this speech to a room full of immigrants who came to this country the legal way? Surely she realizes that they, like the rest of us, are pretty sick and tired of the hand outs these illegals are getting.

In typical liberal fashion, the situation of one group can either be applied to another or used for political gain. On the issue of equality for homosexuals, liberals generally use the oppression of the black population in the ’60’s as fuel for the debate. When they wanted to paint Bill Clinton as some kind of advocate for the little disabled guy they wheeled Christopher Reeves on stage at the 1996 Democratic National Convention. And in their fierce opposition to the war in Iraq they shamelessly used an unstable, grieving Cindy Sheehan as their mouthpiece. (Sheehan, however, has yet to realize she is no longer on the dem’s payroll.) So, in their scary little minds, it makes perfect sense to think of legal Irish immigrants as just the bunch to have on board in their quest for tolerance toward illegal immigrants.

The big glaring difference between the Irish and the Mexicans, aside from the fact that one group was legal and the other isn’t, is that, for the most part, the Irish were grateful to be in America. No, it wasn’t easy and there was discrimination and a few riots here and there, but the Irish persevered and came to America on America’s terms, i.e., learning the language and paying taxes. And because of that they have become an invaluable segment of our culture.

But when it comes to the Mexicans sneaking over the border, they not only don’t have a desire to speak our language, they are getting the joy of watching America trip all over itself trying to accommodate such arrogance (or laziness, I’m not sure which.) Can’t profess to be English speaking American

In Hillary’s comment, “Don’t turn your backs on what made this country great”, she doesn’t seem to realize she is doing just that. By allowing clemency to illegals she is essentially spitting in the faces of those immigrants who have done their time standing in lines, filled out mountains of paperwork, and are actually contributing to the betterment of this country. Those people, not the ones sliming in under the cover of darkness, are the ones who have made this country great.

In a four page letter to constituents, Hillary supported allowing some of the estimated 11 million illegal workers to earn citizenship.

Such changes should include “a path to earned citizenship for those who are here, working hard, paying taxes, respecting the law, and willing to meet a high bar for becoming a citizen,” Clinton wrote.

Hmmm, working hard, paying taxes, respecting the law, and willing to meet a high bar for becoming a citizen? Forget the illegal aliens, it would be nice if we could expect as much from the liberal democrats.


American Medical Association States the Obvious

I’m a respecter of the American Medical Association but I have to admit, they’re a little behind the power curve on this one. Spring Break Study
It is my sincere hope that this isn’t news to them because I KNOW it isn’t to the thousand of young guys and gals who take leave of their senses, I mean their studies, and head to the world’s beaches for rest, relaxation, and…well…a week long all nighter.

The scenario plays out something like this:

Mom and dad wave tentatively as sweet faced Sally Jo, dressed in cute denim capris, turtle neck, and new white Keds boards the plane to Ft. Lauderdale for a spring break trip with her gal pals. But what mom and dad don’t see after the plane levels off at 20,000 feet is the way Sally Jo can quick change in an airplane lavatory like Superman in a cramped phone booth. On the plane walked farm fresh Sally Jo; off the plane struts Paris Hilton’s protege sans chiuaua and paparazzi. It’s skin to win folks, and Sally Jo looks like a winner!

But, I truly don’t think the data from the AMA study is news to most parents. However, why parents would finance such an outing is beyond me. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that there are some parents who trust their kids to behave themselves in a crowd of drunken post pubescents. And I’m going to inch even further out on said limb and presume that there are actually some kids who can be trusted to behave themselves in a Corona-soaked T-shirt spring break environment. But I’m probably being too generous.

Believe me, as a former bartender and resident of sunny South Florida, I know of what I speak. Spring break is big bucks and even bigger stupidity. My last year there was when the fad among those crazy, fun-loving minions was to get schlitzed beyond recognition and jump out of high rise hotel windows. The scary part? Not even the tragedy of the drunken jumpers slowed down the partying.

Since the majority of the spring break excursions are financed by well-meaning, albeit naive parents, the responsibility falls on them. It’s a shame the AMA has to come out and warn young men and women of the dangers of being completely stupid. It would make more sense for the AMA to come out and remind parents that handing their kids a VISA card and plane tickets to Key West might not be in their childrens’ best interest. Then again, it would make even more sense if parents could just figure this out themselves.

Bill and Hillary Plan Second Honeymoonin Dubai

Let’s see, Hillary was for the Dubai port deal before Bill was against it? No, wait, Bill was against it before he realized he could make big bucks being for it and then Hillary was for it but now she’s against it? Maybe Hillary knew Bill was for it and she was for it, for the big bucks, but she’s saying she knows nothing and she is against it. But maybe….oh forget it. Trying to work a Rubik’s cube in the dark is easier than trying to figure these two out.

I’ve got to hand it to them, entire civilizations have fallen over less division, and somehow these two manage to convince the world they’re still married. They are the Laurel and Hardy of politics yet their liberal Rock the Vote base continues to take them seriously. It’s breathtaking, really.

But I’m curious, in the unlikely event this country has another collective brain infarction like the one in ’92 and Hillary becomes president in ’08, will she tell Bill?

(Finding a picture of the happy couple together proved difficult. But I made due.)

Bennish: Gold Standard For America’s Schools

Well, the Left had another wing nut come loose. Apparently Jay Bennish, a teacher at Overland High School in Aurora, Colorado, hosts a Hate America class with a little geography thrown in for fun. Transcript on Malkin’s blog Too bad for him, one of his students, Sean Allen, came to class armed with a world map and a tape recorder. How sweet is that? Poor liberals, they can run their mouths but they can’t hide…anymore.

It’s refreshing to see America’s youth step up and beat the liberals at their own game. In my day we’d just TP the homes of the teachers we didn’t like. Of course our goal was simple vandalism with about two cases of Charmin’s finest. My hat is off to Mr. Allen for raising the bar. My only wish is that he would have caught his illustrious academic leader on video. That way we could be sure Bennish was actually spouting his own views and not lip synching Michael Moore’s latest diatribe.

Jay Bennish shouldn’t surprise anyone. He’s just another liberal lemming repeating the fiction fed to him from the Leftist camp. I’d like to say he’s harmless but he’s not. Kids are impressionable and too many kids in this country suffer from a severe lack of parental mentoring. But never fear, our government schools are packed with Bennish’s who are more than willing to pick up the slack and mold the unattended minds of our youth.

On a positive note, Bennish’s tirade is a conservative op-ed’s dream. And the writing opportunities provided by his blathering are legion. But you can’t really appreciate the hilarity of what he said to his students until you read his syllabus . Talk about eye candy.

Splashed all over his master plan is the liberal mantra, ‘tolerance’:

“Two of the primary tenets of my class are respect and tolerance. The classroom must be a safe learning environment. As such, all students are entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. Students will not be permitted to insult or belittle others in the class, respect is paramount, tolerance is also extremely important.”

“The main objective of my class is to help students to think for themselves, and to become independent, responsible, upright young adults. This entails showing respect, consideration, and tolerance to all people and ideas in an academic context.”

Tolerance shmolerance. Who in the world does he think he’s kidding, his liberal peers? He sounds like Mr. Rogers in his syllabus, but put him in front of a classroom full of wide-eyed pubescents and he turns into Alec Baldwin in detox. And the libs love the “academic context” angle. To them it’s a license to say and do anything while claiming to present ‘both sides’. True, both sides should be discussed. But it’s like brain surgery; I’d rather have a trained professional doing the job, not some hack from wood shop.

But the brouhaha of Bennish’s syllabus is his list of resources to encourage independent thinking. While it is unrealistic to assume anyone could be totally unbiased, for Bennish to even hint that this list encourages independent thought is denial in it’s purest form.

The New York Times – American version of Pravda
The Wall Street Journal – Leans but doesn’t fall left.
The News Hour (PBS) – Liberal
The BBC News (PBS) – Liberal with an accent.
http://www.npr.orgBlatantly liberal
http://www.pbs.orgHave I used the term ‘blatantly liberal’ yet?
http://www.guerrillanews.comHilarious, can’t-take-them-seriously liberal. libertarianianism – Founding Fathers leaning left.
http://www.heritage.orgBennish trying to not look liberal.
http://www.indymedia.orgForeign non-fact checking liberal.
http://www.freespeech.orgPro-abort, Anti-Bush liberal.
http://www.newamericancentury.orgAmerican Imperialism fodder for a liberal.
http://www.brook.eduThinking in a tank liberal.
http://www.zman.orgMuch Ado About Nothing liberal.

If anyone is shocked by Mr. Bennish’s behavior then it’s time to come out from under the rock. Home schoolers have known about the shinola going on in schools for years. It’s only starting to get more exposure because the conservatives are finally playing a little offense. The liberals have, for the most part, been given a free pass when it comes to the young minds of this country. And the blame falls predominately on the laps of parents who blindly drop their toddlers off at daycare and don’t pick them up until senior graduation.

America’s public schools, as a rule, don’t teach history, they teach pop culture. And obviously geography has been replaced by Marxist political science courses. Tell me this isn’t happening in your kid’s school and I’ll wager you haven’t paid them an unannounced visit in a while. Unannounced because if they know you’re coming they stash the Lenin posters and put up the Clinton ones.

No, Bennish isn’t unusual, he’s the gold standard in America’s public schools. But for all his pontificating, he’s really pretty stupid. I mean honestly, what did he think that sound check was for anyway?

Libs Losing Grip on Left Coast?

Aahhhh, back in the Red States at last! My journey took me to a Left Coast city that will remain nameless to protect the innocent.

Everyone knows the Leftist Left Coast libs are a bunch of granola munching, gasoline hating, coffee addicted, owl saving, Birkinstocked ninth circuit court liberals who hate Bush, right? Well, maybe not so much. Based on bumper stickers, bookstores, and gasoline consumption I came to the conclusion that a certain city may not be living up to its liberal reputation.

Take bumper stickers for instance. It is common knowledge that you can get a feel for a place’s political bent based on the bumper stickers plastered on the local cars. If you find yourself surrounded by cars sporting slogans such as, “You’re never really alone on a farm”, “Clinton lied but no one died” and “Boykott Faktory Chikin”, you might want to head out of town. Conversely, if you find yourself surrounded by stickers saying, “My heroes have always been straight cowboys”, “PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals”, and “My SUV can beat up your Prius” you might want to talk to a local realtor.

But where I was, there is an eerie lack of bumper stickers even though the local paper had tried in vain to encourage their use. Truly, a kind of creepy Stepford Car mentality prevails out there. I could only surmise that the city is filled with a) closet liberals who are too embarrassed to tout their beliefs, b) closet conservatives who are too scared to tout their beliefs, or c) it is filled with people whose minds have been washed completely clean of thought, which, oddly enough, brings us back to point A. No matter how you look at it, the bumpers of this anonymous city give precious little insight into the minds of the people. In the area of political stickers alone, the tally came out: Kerry/Edwards – 3 stickers; Bush/Cheney – 2 stickers. And this was after a week of driving around the city and being stuck on I-5…uh, I mean, the interstate. Either only five people voted or the rest aren’t admitting it.

As with bumper stickers, book stores are also a pretty trusty indicator of a city’s political leanings. Since the mainstream chain stores like Barnes and Noble or Borders are just latte houses filled with retro liberals feigning the thinking process I avoided those. Instead, I went to the smaller locally owned bookstores and was surprised to find an actual attempt at balance. While you’d be hard pressed, and sneered at, if you inquired about Bernard Goldberg’s 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America at Barnes and Noble, I found it, and many other conservative titles, in the smaller local bookstores. Some conservative titles even got front-of-the-store display privileges. Go figure. Of course there were scads of liberal books at these stores as well, but for the most part, I was pleasantly shocked by the brazen display of anything conservative. Maybe these store owners know that conservative books bring in the bucks. But wouldn’t you need a conservative clientele to know that? Hmmm…something smells fishy.

On the Eco-Bunny-Enviro-Ad Nauseum front, I found that our mystery city guzzles gas with reckless abandon. As I sat on their sluggish highways and watched a dizzying array of bumper stickerless SUV’s inch by me I realized that not only are they burning precious fuel but they weren’t even carpooling! And I didn’t see one car with a cornhusk protruding from the gas tank or with an extension cord trailing behind it. Just a bunch of beautiful greedy American trucks and SUV’s shamelessly consuming the gas that supposedly keeps Bush in designer tighty whities. As the owner of, not one, but two SUVs, I was shocked and a tad giddy.

Yep, if the bizarre behavior of its residents is any indicator, it appears the libs are losing their grip on a key city. But until the evidence proves more conclusive, said city will remain unnamed.