Month: October 2005

Hillary is Almost Famous ad Bono’s Groupie

If she weren’t so unlikeable I’d almost feel sorry for the old gal. Mrs. Clinton has been blown off by Bono. The Snub It’s kind of like believing the guy when he slurs, “I’ll call you” and then organizing a bake sale at his frat house the next day. Poor Hillary, being hard-up can be embarrassing.

Blinded by her misguided, albeit hopeful, impression that Bono actually cares whether or not she gets into the White House, Hillary has ‘cordially’ invited 18 of her closest friends to the U2 concert in Washington on October 19. She’ll probably throw her panties at the band from her $7,000 suit at the MCI Center in hopes that Bono will catch them in his teeth, flash her a smile, and then woo the crowd into a love offering for HillPAC.

Truth be told, Bono doesn’t care who is in the White House as long as he gets his annual invite. The guy is relentless in his pursuit to throw American money at Africa. And he’ll do just about anything to accomplish this…that is, except be Hillary and her cronies’ personal sugar daddy. Heck, Bono, when asked by bandmate Edge if he’d have his picture taken with George Bush back in ’02 during yet another endeavor to pilfer American funds for African despots, was quoted as saying, “I’d have lunch with Satan if there was so much at stake.”

Ouch! Lunch with the devil over crooning for Hillary. Well, I guess even a frat boy has priorities.


And the Nobel Goes to…the Mercy Police?

Live 8, Make Hunger History, Band AID…the parade of benevolence goes on. While these endeavors Nobel, I mean, noble, one has to wonder about the people behind these movements. The gamut runs from the top of the heap with emotional philanthropists Bob Geldof and Bono to the identity confused likes of Brangelina taking residence at the bottom. An assorted bunch of stars in need of a cause make up the filler in the middle.