Month: August 2005

Welcome to Seeing Red.

This is not a blog dedicated to anger or angst. Nor is this a boring play-by-play of my daily life, my anxieties, my menu, or my health. Online diaries have always mystified me. Diaries, in my opinion, are supposed to be private. Online diaries are for those, in my estimation, who truly wish for an audience. Nothing wrong with that…just not my thing. This will also not be a blog with shrill ranting and raving against the left. I’ll try my best to keep my irritation at a minimum.

What this blog spot will be is a forum for theories, observations, and views…my own personal ‘Op Ed’ if you will. My main focus will be on this country’s love affair with popular culture and how the adoration of all that is made popular by Hollywood has seeped into education and politics. I will also have regular comments on various personalities and shows so as to point out the audacity (and hilarity) of those who are determined to rewrite history and shape our culture.

My desire for this spot is that it will be entertaining and, if you are willing, educational. My goal is to rescue people from becoming mindless sheep who take as truth all that comes from American media.

It’s a hard job but I’m happy to do it.